Thursday, 27 May 2010

My premier Gucci

During mother's day,
dad brought me to the ProEyes studio and ask me to choose for a pair of shades,
he say a pair of shades is essential to protect my eyes when im driving.

after trying on for more 15 shades,
this is what i choose. Gucci~
it's on sale and we got a rather good price for it..

Voila~moi new shades

1. my friend says i looks like a ninja in this pic==
what do u think?

2. A Decent one

3. yeah..i love my gucci shades

took tonnes of photo with my new shades
but i only upload a few, if not i gonna scare people off..
thanks dad~

Happy Mother's Day

Forgive me for my long absence, busy mar~
final exam for final sem sure need to pia(work hard) right?

so during the second sunday of May, my exam just started==
we went to TGIF to celebrate mother's day.
dressed up for the occasion and headed to the destination,it was so crowded when we arrived,
good business eh?
the place was merry and packed with families.
we had to be in the awaiting list some more
gave them my name and phone no.
the waiter said gonna call me after 15 mins.
I'm actually quite hungry at that time..
but i tahan only, dun wanna spoil my taste buds and appetite for the dinner.

At last i got a call from them,
they lead us to our place,picked the food that caught our appetite and our orders were taken.
Food is served in no time, the chef probably know we're hungry.

1~while waiting for food to come

2~complementary starters for mother's day~



5~Man of the house's


Food looks nice and taste delicious but the portion is really huge~
but we enjoyed it cuz we shared our food..
sharing is caring mar, correct?

i love spending time with my family, because i only see during my parents in the weekend.
they are working parents mar,need cari makan to support the family.
so when is father's day?
I'm so looking forward for our next outing.
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