Friday, 29 January 2010

Drama- Hang super Tuah

During creative writing lecture on Monday,
we was told that we gonna perform out drama based on the script we had wrote during week 8 or 9 of the semester.
in order to select who hav the potential to act,
we were divided into groups and assigned with different character.
30 min was given for us discuss and after that we hav to act it out in front of the lecture hall.

seriously, acting is not my field.
so let me be the keh leh feh also enough d..
im very low profile wan as u know..

when we know that we got the hang tuah character
we were squeezing out of brain juice trying very hard to remember what we learnt during our BM class..
apparently our memory is not strong enough so we decided to go fusion
and the story is as follows

once upon a time in the far far kingdom of melaka,
when the
dayangs are kipas-ing the sultan in a hot summer's day,
bendahara presented puteri gunung ledang's picture to the sultan and he knew that she will be her perfect permaisuri.
so the courages hang
tuah was in a quest in search for puteri gunung ledang
when he was in the market trying to ask for direction to
gunung ledang
he saw a beautiful young lady harassed by a
hamsap tiger.

Without thinking twice,
tuah came to the rescue and both of them had a good fight and saved the beautiful young lady from the hamsap tiger.
to hang
tuah surprise the beautiful young lady turned out to be puteri gunung ledang,
he too fell in love at once.
instead of bringing her back, both of them elope and live happily ever after.

the end

u see, the hero always get the maiden
siao or not we came out with this kinda storyline??
it's 王昭君+fairy tale+malay legend

~me and leeling acting as one of the dayang
gonna kipas kipas the sultan with out paper kipas
cuz electric kipas havnt exits during kesultanan melaka

~bendahara jun qing and sultan jj

~our leading character-the heroic hang tua-h

~culprit of the day
good expression..haha
the drama couldnt work out without him

dayang leaf and bendahara jun qing
looks like che koh pek mr potato..
hope he's not reading my blog..

i wonder who's going to act in the real drama??
maybe we will end up being one of the script writer.

Sunday, 24 January 2010







Friday, 22 January 2010

Primary School Friends Reunion Part II

after reaching midvalley i was waiting for shi jie
to my pleasant surprise i saw ming yao walking together with him
i didnt meet her for 10 whole years and now she taller than me..
time really flies huh..
now everyone of us is all grown up,
deciding their own path and walking towards their goal

had lunch at sushi zen
the price is rather reasonable
i like the big wide smile on our face

~after walking around for sometime
meiqi join us for tea time

~my twin dear dear is trying very hard to be taller than me...wahaha
okok...i give face..wah his hair makes him taller than me..
see or not?? *nodded head*

group photo of the day
kai xiang, ming yao, me, twin dear dear

We headed to one utama for dinner


before kai xiang send us home
we went to station one for a round of drink
my stomach is like 3 months pregnant
can hardly walk..haha

~dah kah cheh in the making?
i wonder what will happen if both of us are in the same secondary schl
nobody knows

~i think we looks more approachable this way huh
*nodded head*

it's actually quite an adventurous outing
we been to 3 places in a day, midvalley, one utama and station one
although im drop dead tired but i had great fun with them
cheers for our friendship

hope we'll meet again
hope it isn't 10 years later..

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Feeling unwell

yesterday was a long day for me. unwell after attending class for 3 days..
i can blame it to the rain bathe the other evening
at first i felt a slight throat irritation
then by the time i was almost going to bed i start to hav running nose

when my alarm rang i was so reluctant to wake up to attend my 8am class,
but still convince myself to get washed up and prepared myself for class
when i come out from the house the sky is still dark
is a 5 minutes walk to the waiting point
it really freaks me out when im walking ALONE
thanked god i reach schl in one piece

my sensei actually enter class 15 minutes before 8am early wan???
thanked god again that i come early..
the class was okay
at least im having a normal sensei compared to the previous wan..

to be honest,
i dun hav any fond memories of her
the only thing i can remember that is her criticism and harsh words.
always comparing us with japanese students bla bla bla..
wtf..ok end of story, dun wanna start my grandfather story all over again
next time i will only filled in the survey on the 14th week...

i lost my appetite due to sneezing, running nose and sore throat
good lar..can go on diet..haha..
if not later fat cant be pretty during chinese new year..
u know la..what kinda relatives i have..sienz
always like to say ppl fat when they actually look fine..

by the time i reach home,im feeling hungry...
so might as well cincai cook something
no instant noodles this time , the aji gonna worsen my condition
i'll probably turn into a husky voice the next day
hell no.

my lunch sardine beehon..

by night time my head was so heavy and feverish..
so i slept at the time of 10 plus
wah..broke record d lar..suddenly become a good obedient girl
just wanna have a good rest..
tomorrow gonna be a good day for me

the weather is kinda cranky remember to drink lotsa water..
boy im glad that i fall sick before the assignment starts..

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

short update

I know i havnt been updating my blog for the past week
these are the things that i've been doing

i went to new era on monday, wednesday, friday.
tuesday and thursday hidding inside the cave struggling with my thesis
saturday and sunday hanging out with different group of friends
my life damn packed u know

life is so freaking hectic before my new sem
i dun dare to think how my life gonna be with all the assignment, midterm, and thesis
well, final sem isnt easy, i'll try my best to make time for everything..

will update later..
see ya~~

Sunday, 10 January 2010


As days goes by i feel that I'm forcing myself to continue my everyday routine
can i just do something that i really like?
Im really tired of sobbing every now and then thinking of what shall i do next
somehow i feel lost and there's no guidance or people to look up to.
wondering around without directions

pursuing a career in music may sound like a joke
i know it's tough but at least i enjoy doing it
during my orchestra days my smile was the widest
now i dun smile that often anymore
or some how i dun find the happiness in other thing beside music

i share a great passion for music and love the people around me
most of all i miss my rehearsal,performances, practices and concerts
gosh i cant say how much i miss being around the music atmosphere
is never too tired practicing the whole day.

my enthusiasm towards my course decrease each semester
im struggling to juggle between assignment and my social circle
i feel so restrain seeing the same lecturer and tired of doing the same thing every semester
it seems like a repetition.
im having trouble in sustaining focus on
what's wrong with me?

I became quiet compared to my talkative days
once my voice can be heard every time during the Q & A session
and now i remain silent although i've something to voice out
why speak out if no one could understand you.
to me silence is virtue,i prefer to be not heard.

again my self esteem is getting lower each time i receive negative feed back about my course
i worried that i bring shame to my family for not living up to their expectation
im sick of being the polite and not telling those ignorant people off at once
i hate the situation im facing
i wish i have the courage to over come what im facing now.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Emptiness in me

someday i wanna be someone else
i just dun wanna be me
feeling empty without a soul
upset hoping for too much
flooded with emotions
tears sliding down my face
and yet feeling miserable
as nobody could understand my situation

I should remain in my path
avoid letting others coming into my circle
maybe im fated to be alone
I hate myself for being fragile and weak

Friday, 8 January 2010

Rice pizza

Bonjour everyone
i've been doing the cooking for the past~wee
wanna let mom have good rest and fulfill my duty as a filial daughter
not easy u know..
i hav to juggle between my thesis and housework and some time to blog
bo eng wan really...
but still got little time to watch tv lar...haha
then i got inspired while ladies first program was teaching how to make use of leftover rice
so i decided to come out with my own version of rice pizza
im just using what's left in the fridge
here it goes

a bowl of rice, whole egg, pasta sauce, mushroom, capsicum and corn.

~step 1

drizzle some oil on the pan
then put in leftovers rice onto the pan
spread the rice evenly

~step 2

add in a whole egg in the rice
and wait for it to turn golden brown
but dun chao da
~step 3

when this side is ready
when u smell the fragrant of the egg
flip it to the other side
but it gonna crumble if the side is not hard enough
so good luck while trying out

~step 4

see this is what happen when i didnt flip it fast enough
haha but at least it's in shape la...
aiseh..nth is perfect in life

~step 5

transfer it onto the oven pan
spread a layer of pasta sauce on the surface
okla..if u wanna spread kao kao also can

~step 6

spread mushroom or other ingredients that u prefer

~step 7

plus another layer of corn

~step 8

add some more capsicum
green or red capsicum gonna make the pizza more colourful

~step 9
let it cooked in the oven for 20 minutes and 220 degrees
so sit back and wait

~voila complete
ready to be served

it's my 1st time using rice to replace flour
so no mess while making the dough
and mom was really happy with this rice pizza thinggy
see mom is happy with my cooking..hehe
all the best to u while trying out

Tuesday, 5 January 2010








我自己还好心到跟人家say sorry。







结果我又收 到人家的信息











My Vacation in Taiwan

During my touring days in taiwan,
i've been to the following places.


~the sunlight is kinda strong,
so i cant really smile when im facing the sun..

Dan shui淡水- Lover's bridge

~the front view of the bridge

~the wind is quite strong and it almost blew off my hat.

TaiChung-The Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village 九族文化村

~the map for the theme park

~ Ernie and me~ wee

~Yeah..leafong go round..
i wanna be a kid again..

Hua Lian-Toroko National Park

~Toroko National Park,
wanted to pay tarzan and jane a visit but they went for their 2nd honeymoon...aiseh..

~Life isnt a bed of flowers...wahahha

YiLan-Sharila Leisure Farm

~it's freezing cold when the temperature drop till 9 degrees,
im feeling that im staying in the fridge..haha

~bubbles remind me of baby bath..haha
where's my bath tub??

Taipei 101

~Taipei 101, the tallest building in taiwan,
taller than our KLCC

~diamond are women's best friends,
since i cant afford diamond
so crystals are my best companion.

~how tiny i am compared to the Christmas tree

during my entire week in taiwan
i've been waking up very very very early in the morning,
then continue ZZZZ during the journey,
so no one really pay attention to what's our tour guide is saying.
gomen ne, mr tour guide.

Later i realise people in taiwan are really attentive and they are mostly mandarin speaking,
some older generation evenspeaks japanese.
Pretty cool huh.
the road sign are all in chinese and english.
im from chinese medium school,
so i dun hav any language barrier here.

the night before i left for taiwan
i encountered a 4.8 earth quake
the experience was really a scary and unforgettable one
imagine the celling light is shaking left to right, the floor is vibrating
i was at the 5th floor when the earth quake occurs
mom was worry that it gonna collapse.

I am so glad to be home..
nothing is better than being at ur home country
free from natural disaster.

this is my trip from taiwan.
hope u enjoy the pictures~

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Taiwan no Tabemono

My family and i went for a short trip at taiwan for a week.
Saying about the food in taiwan
it's famous for it local delicacy but i dun have a chance to really try all of it.
know why ?

well, Most of the meal were provided that's why,
our tour guide brought us to the night market after dinner
so i was like, i wanna try but stomach still 90% full.
argghhhh...i wanna go taiwan again to try out other food..

but at least we went to two night market feng jia ye shi and shi lin ye shi
it's more or like those u can find in malaysia,
i prefer the night market concept in taiwan cuz it's neater
the food stalls are in one section and the shopping area are in another corner
thus, ur clothes wont smell like smelly taufu after shopping around...haha..
maybe malaysia pasar malam can adapt this concept

I would like to share with u some of the food that i really enjoy in taiwan...
i realise their food presentation are pretty much like Japanese style
drum rolls please..hehe

this was a 5 course meal
salad as starters,
main dish served together with rice and some side dishes,
orange juice,
cakes and fruits for dessert.

at first, we thought it's we've finish the course after the waiter served us orange juice
mana tau, after that they continue serving us dessert
it was a complete meal and it taste delicious.
satisfied meal~

i ordered set meal again
soup as starters
lemon chicken nuggets-
almond jelly as dessert
as a waffle fan i got very tempted and decided to try it after eating dinner crispy outside and soft inside
a superb combination with whipped cream and honey

this is one of the ice-cream jumbo,
the yam and green tea combo is so so so nice...
and it only cost RM1....
hahaha...cheaper than mcd sundae

that's for now on the food part..
for my next post i gonna update about places that i've visited in taiwan
see ya~~~

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New year feast

My aunts decided to dropped by.
and this time they are bringing over my favourite dishes...
what ??? bringing it all the way here?? great...
it might be simple home cooked food but it means a lot to me... is saliva flowing...

while waiting my aunts to arrive,
my mom told me to cut the watermelon
me? cut watermelon?
the watermelon is bigger than my head...

mom said :
there is always 1st time for everything...

so here it goes,
it end up with assorted sizes,
thick slice, thin slice, really uneven size,
maybe i should blame the knife...
hey, chiplak knife, u punya pasal la...ish ish please sharpen the knifes next time..

to be honest,
my aunts played an important role in my life
when mom and dad are working and couldn't be back for the weekend
i'll normally go back to my aunt's place,
there's no place like home,
to me my aunt's place is like my 2nd home..haha
is a home also lar...can mou?
then every night before sleeping
i'll look for my aunts, happily resting my head on their lap and chat till midnight.

when i was young,
dad was working, so mom decided to stay back and take care of me.
i basically spend my 1st 6 years of life staying with them..
they sayang me like how my mom does,
took turns to looked after me when im sick.
so now u can understand why our bonding are so strong.
other than my parents, i believes that they are people that really care about me no matter how i am.
whether im fat, thin,ugly,pretty, poor, rich, im still me..

to be clear, my aunts are my mom's sisters,
not that bitchy-ungly-irritating aunt, that rude fella is my dad's sis
dont get mixed up right...i still tulan her...geram!!!!!
know y im pissed, maybe u can read this to get the full story
here: bithcy mouth encounter

~im waiting and looking ouside on and off
when my aunts gonna reach ???
im hungry

Finally, they arrived.
Food is served.
Bon appetit.

~my favourite dish
vegetarian curry potatoes mutton

~luo han zai


~vegetarian char siew

our small gathering turned out to be like a new year celebration,
these are the people i enjoyed spending time with.
although it's just a simple meal,
but is the sincerity and bonding that really counts.
Just a simple gesture, and i'll feel very much loved.
thanks for waking up early to prepare the yummilicious food.
Merci beaucoup. A bientôt.
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