Saturday, 24 January 2009

shopping spree accompanied with great food

Eh em...let me see what I've bought for this Chinese new year

checked list

all jeans looks the same i'll be skipping this part



Clutch bag
my shopping this year sounds a little crazy
i've been shopping from butterworth to jogja, indonesia till bangsar village.. did my shopping at 3 different places
call me the goddess of shopping...orz orz orz orz
nah..this only happen once a year when i turn on my shopaholic mode...

food and shopping are always a good combination
especially when u get tired of shopping
u would look for a cosy place to pampered urself with mouth watering pastries
forget about the calories,its so hard to resist food like this:

High-tea at bangsar

This was the finest ice cappuccino and white and dark chocalate cake that i tasted so far.
The carrot cake that my mom ordered was equally nice.

Pre new year dinner at Jogja
with lotsa warm welcome from the staff, nice ambience, good food...wulala..
i wont mind to put on some weight

Thanks to my parents for bringing me everywhere again
Happy chinese new year







paisey 咯,我知道我不该这样批评人家 。

你真得让我tulan 到个极点。






Thursday, 22 January 2009

close for chinese new year

hey what the heck now?at first the toilet cant flush
followed by the cleaner cleaning the toilet at weird hours
and now the entire toilet is close?
bad time management or u guys obviously dont have a brain

wah..expect us to hold our urine for the whole day..
feel so sorry for our bladder

we chinese are going to celebrate our chinese new year
so toilet also need to close for new year la?
imagine hanging a note outside "close for chinese new year"?!!!
clearance sale? better call indah water to suck up all those shit

there are 91 student in our batch
plus our senior..
i think there will be around 300 students holding their urine
its very bad for health u know....ish...
next time better bring adult pampers or a bottle along
incase some one cant stand anymore..

then i decide to take a pic and blog about it

while my friend was waiting for me

the guard approached and asked my friend : "mengapa dia ambil gambar?" means why is she taking picture

cannot take photo meh? agains the rules ar? scare i land them in deep shit is it?

can the authorities do something about that? Please?
i want the toilet back...
cuz i need to pee pee...

Monday, 19 January 2009


short talk:

After being in uni for 4 semester
this are some useful tips to survive in a university
in order to be recognize, one must AT LEAST have 1 criteria below:
if u are not a smart ass, no one wanna be the same group with u, they don't need to u drag down their cgpa.
If u don't have a car, nobody wanna hang out with u, cuz transport is not provided.
If u are not good-looking or well dressed, no one gonna approach u.
If u are not well-to-do no one gonna eat with u, cuz they wont get a free meal.
If u are not popular, u will be the last to know everything, no one gonna inform u, cuz they totally didnt think about u.

so when u don't have any of the criteria above and people is still really nice to u,
this is so called true friends,make sure u treasure them like gold

how ironic, but hey this are their true colour,so open ur eyes really big when u choose your group of friends..


For this sem
most of my assignment are after week 10
frankly speaking im not too happy with this
cause as we present, our lecturer gonna set higher marking standard

good- more time to prepare..nah..but my lecturers are so stingy with marks...
cons- when this session gonna end? less time to study for not a computer last minute person

checked cnki for some additional reference
wooi...didnt pay them is it?
how come every pdf file we click cant be open?
*pekcek....complaint complaint*

most of our reference book are at our main campus-kampar
my juniors, better make sure u use full use of the books...
so we have to buy our own
imagine doing assignment without convincing phrases from famous philosopher and poet
the insecurity is there and lecturer gonna give us one kind of looks..
like are-you-sure-this-is-all-u-can-give look...
most of our lecturer are super strict
burnt a hole in my pocket today
nevermind la new year can cover back my expenses
give me a big angpao k
slightly bbq skin after walking to several book stall under the hot sun
have to sacrifice a bit for our assignment sake..
to my skin-really sorry.. i apply lotsa body lotion and mask when we get home k...
we cant find the books we want at normal book stall like MPH, POPULAR, BORDERS
looks like I'll be going to new era college to look for more info regarding my topic..

guys,how about this week?

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

It's you again...

while my friends are busy trying clothes and i was looking around
suddenly someone hit me from my right
what on mosquito on my hand also not need to hit so hard kua...pain wan u know

lewching : come u're here...
me : today dont have class come jalan jalan lor...
lewching : couldn't believe im able to meet u again...
me :yalor yalor...come better take pics and remember this moment

*posing...snap snap snap*

OMG...i met lew ching for the second time in time square
totally unexpected
i thought i only bumped into old class mate for only once
well this is so called fate...

so far I've already met lee wei, zhi yi, chun fai, siow ping there,
haha or time square is a hotspot for bumping into old friends..
maybe time square can change their name into time machine...

lew ching sat next to me during form 5
she is always a happy-go-lucky person
and always kind enough to let me copy her add math homework
so thoughtful of her
kids out there this is a bad example..
no choice math subject sucked like mad..
thanked god all the torturing days are over...
although i attend tuition class but i still couldn't understand..
sometimes im even ashamed to tell people that i came from a chinese schl
because everyone assume that we are super brilliant at math subject
frankly speaking most of them are good , but im not even close...
mempersiasuikan...i apologized to all my math teacher who once taught me..

here are the pictures..

who will i bumped into next time?
probably you?

Monday, 12 January 2009

First day of uni

hello friends... 3 months of holidays are over...

Really cant believe that im already in Year 2 Sem 2
time just past with a wink of an eye..
this means i gonna graduate next may..
i do hope that i'll do better in this semester
try to pull up my cgpa as usual
i strongly believe that we student have to study hard and play hard at the same time
by doing so studying hard wont turn us into nerds

haiya...dont give excuses to curi tulang..stay focus

hello, student also human alright...we need our breathing place, cant breathe properly with all the books pilling up my chest.. be a bit more understanding la

Our syallabus are getting harder
there'll be 6 subject this semester
  • Book of odes
  • Chinese Classical novel
  • Modern Chinese Language
  • Modern Chinese Thought
  • Selected texts from Han, Wei & Six Dynasties Period
  • Japanese II
Most of our lecturer are kinda strict with their marking method
one even claim herself as "killer of chinese studies"
please...dont kill fail me...i'll be good...

know what ms Hoe gonna be teaching us AGAIN
most of us are scare of her..
since she is super duper strict to us during year one semester one
last year she taught us selection of ci poetry
i saw a different side of her...
especially her advice for us..
the meaning hidden between words
if u can catch the meaning
to the point and it's so freaking true but most ppl will turn deaf ear

Mixed feeling flooded over me for this semester
firstly, im glad that i've come so far and i'll continue my road less taken
but at the same time it is heart breaking for me to say good bye to someone that i know since the day i've enter uni
yea..she's gonna leave...and im here all alone
i really wanted to cry when she told me that she's going to quit due to financial problem
imagine being in the same group since year 1, going to uni together almost everyday, hanged out almost every week
although there are clashes of opinion once in a while
but still it's really sad to see her go,
not able to graduate together
but as i say life has to go on, and i have to get over it
leafongism still stand strong...

For siew chyn and lee ling
I cant thanked u more for letting me join ur assignment group
It means a lot to me..
Hopefully there'll be lotsa sparkle when we're working as a team
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