Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mascara to my rescue

I slept at 4am last night,
twinkle twinkle little star is still in my eyes when i got up this morning,
plus my panda eyes and i looked like a zombie..

kaolat leao, i gonna meet up with friends later..
putting my glasses on while hanging out with friends is a no no,
i feel more confident not wearing glasses,
so i came out with this idea..
**ting..maybe i can apply mascara to make my eyes more awake and fresh..
wuhuhu...evil grin..
to be honest im not a person that apply make up very often
i normally leave the house after applying sun block..

thanked god that mom bought me a mascara and i actually have it with me,
it's my 1st time using it anyway,
trying to be really careful to not apply mascara on my face..haha
here it goes, after applying few layer of mascara on my eyelashes
voila my eyes is glinting again and mascara really does wonder to my eyelashes.
merci beacoup..

closed up..
mascara really lengthen my eyelashes...

miracle mascara worked for me..
hope mascara will brighten ur eyes too..
stay pretty ladies~~

my friends asked whether my eyelashes are real,
or i put some eyelash extension or wat,
halo...eyelashes ni ori k..
hehe..looks like applying mascara is not so troublesome after all.
what do u think ?

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Reunion 聚会

my twin dear dear said i should blog more in chinese
so oklah...i'll write some intro in english and the rest gonna be written in chinese
happy now my twin dear dear??

My ehem twin dear dear is in PJ for his intern
it's already 12am in the midnight when they finally reach my place,
and after entering the car, i only find out that all the dudes are my former primary schl mate..
wtf...i didnt meet them since 10..

we sat down at station one
they update me with my friends
most of them are either working or studying in kl
some got married and already have 3 kids..
waleao...totally unexpected..






p/s: 在kl这边读书或做工的同学,我们出来聚聚吧~

Monday, 7 December 2009

Business Class experience

During hari raya,my parents decided to let me fly business class back to kl.
so i wont get stuck in the jam together with my parents
cuz i still have to sit for exam the next next day
thanks so much for saving the time for me.. pretty excited bout this

the seat is so spacious and so comfy
i have more then enough space to stretch my legs and arms.

rather than normal coffee or tea or orange juice during the middle of the journey
this time i got a drink before the flight take off special treatment wan..

a moment later, a completed breakfast set was served together with desert.

i think i gonna skip lunch

while enjoying my breakfast
i captured some beautiful clouds formation

the sky how blue...
i love the cloud,
looks like cotton candy...

a bed a cloud to drop dead on...hahahaha
i seriously need a proper sleep

after such a heavy breakfast
tea is served right after that stomach gonna burst

stewardess :what do u like to hav? coffee ? tea?
me: tea please

stewardess:how do u like ur tea to be prepare?
me: i would like it warm and without sugar

stewardess: would you like to have a few slice of lemon together with it?
me: will be great, thanks

omg...serving 1 single cup of tea need to ask so many question mou?
wahleao...where to find this kinda treatment in economy class..
different class got different treatment wan
even my mom dun treat me like that...
haha...please forgive my ah lian-ness

here's my cup of tea

alors, this is a really an memorable experience for me
not every time that i'll be given a chance to fly at business class
dad, mom, can we travel by business class next time ??

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Short break in Genting

Temperature heated up during our finals,
feeling like a pressure cooker, stress level building up studying paper after paper,
Glad it's finally over.
So its time to take a break and enjoy the fresh air in genting
our anticipated outing that we planned before the finals.
cooling wind blowing against our skin,
the breeze awakens me from my gloomy days of exam.

♪ in no time, we are in the cable car...
gonna enjoy ourselves to the max,
right guys??

♪ group photo, really hard to squeeze all of us inside the pic..
nice work shot.

♪ we've reach the theme park..full of energy.
who's head is resting nicely on my shoulder huh??

♪ warming up~~weee~~~it's a refreshing ride...
more rides ahead

♪ bersemangat sungguh,
let's check again after the ride

♪ on your mark...get set...say cheese

♪ somebody cant even stand straight after the ride,
while im still smiling there.
girl power rulez~~~

♪ heading for our next ride

♪ big smile :))

♪ eye eye captain, we're on the pirate ship,
will i be meeting Johnny D the hottie??
and why that malay dude looking at the camera?

♪ here we go~~lalala

♪ getting higher

♪ now have a deep deep deep breath

♪ and scream scream scream!!!!!!
wahahahaha ~~~~

♪ candid, shot say i looks like tai kah che...
haha..where's my leng??

♪ my high schl mate...lit kwen...
he was shorter during high schl,
and now see how tall he grew after the years
we perli each other every time,
until ppl think we're arguing,
but no hard feelings right,
i guess this is our way of communicating.

♪ the power of three and i miss tai lee.
hope to meet up with her soon.

♪ nice facial expression

♪ how come this pic looked so confused, puzzle and wanna cari gaduh??

♪ this is the original pic

♪ we actually went to the casino to grab a cup of milo..
haha..but the air is full with smoke that irritates my eyes...
we enter in the sense of getting the exposure and not to gamble.

♪ salam satu genting, satu malaysia..
it's great hanging out with all of u.
i think it's my best outing and happiest day for this sem
Good Companion do cheer up my mood.

p/s: thanks kjoo for taking the time to book the hotel room for us.
p/s: thx lit kwen and kjoo for taking photo that leave great memories.

miss u guys loads....muacksssss

Sunday, 29 November 2009


As we know that language is build up by grammar, vocabulary, sentence pattern, culture etc etc
I have come across two very different lecturer while attending some language courses.

Different method of teaching

language teacher no 1 says:

Can u come out with some new vocabulary, dun always give me the same old vocab.

language teacher no 2 says

if u wanna learn new vocab, i suggested that u buy a dictionary and memorize all the words in there. I cant help that there's so much grammar in this language. so proper grammar is the path way to a
strong foundation.

my humble opinion:

I prefer language teacher no 2 method of teaching, she's so right. Without proper grammar , we wont be able to construct a correct sentence. so even we memorize the whole dictionary, the composition will still looks awful with the atrocious grammar.

Patience level

language teacher no 1 says

I wonder what u all been learning for the past lesson, ur foundation is so weak.

language teacher no 2 says

its hard at 1st, i'll keep going through with u guys till u're familiar with it
my humble opinion:

siao wan, u're suppose to teach us not scold us when we dont understand. If ur patience level is so low then better stop teaching. sigh..i still prefer language teacher no 2, such motherly figure and doesnt blow us up with her wind.

Words from the bottom of my heart

dear language teacher no 1,

although u're a very experienced lecturer
but u make me nuts everytime i enter ur class.
Tension build up when keep comparing us with others
scolded harshly when we dont understand ur explaination
we pay our tuition fees to learn f, not getting scolded and being ur punching bag
our brains are filled with ur negative thoughts
I guess we'll like u better if u have more patience.

dear language teacher no 2,

thanks for the patience and guidance
i've been always looking forward to attend ur class
u make sure that all of us understand before u continue with a new chapter
and also ,thanks for bring chocolate back for us.

alors, how nice if every lecturer can be like teacher no 2.
but life is never perfect,
so take it as extra bonus if we're taught by dedicated teachers.
nasib la we call.




Tuesday, 24 November 2009

soRa no tanjobi

17 NoV 09

ehem...somebody is officially 21
happy birthday to u...
i guess soRa gonna killed me if i delay this post longer..

at last there's sometime for us to meet up after loads of assignment and piles of examination. least we meet twice this sem..
Gonna be real busy for our fyp next sem..
probably have to make early appointment in advance..
heyu,better start planing already smart guy..
yea im telling u sora..u dun try to act innocent...huahaha

this time we went to KLCC
bought ticket for the movie 2012 and continue to burn some time by walking in the park.
seriously it's really hard to see any greenery in KL..
this morning walk is really refreshing.

here are some of the picture for the day...

♪mirror mirror on my hand who's the smartest of em all ...
of course it the men in black..wuhuhu..

♪ present for birthday boy...
not happy with my present is it ?
give it back..

hia hia hia...totally candid..
i dont now how both of us come out with this kinda post

♪ somebody say i was acting cute but i dont think so lor...

♪ we're staring at you...serious betul...haha

During the movie,
tears flow unconditionally from the corner of our eyes..
it's saddening to see somebody close to die after one and another,
where u have no choice but to see it happen.
so friends, better treasure the ones beside you.
maybe some selflessness can ease someones pain.
overall it's a cool movie..
but the ending kinda too short la..
slightly "sat mong" lo...

im going to bed..bon nuit~~~

i feeling sleepy adi...

Friday, 13 November 2009

German Sausage

During one fine day
while i was back at home during the weekends
dad decide to bring us out for food at bukit damansara.
hurray...makan session.

It was kinda dark when u see the shop from outside..
but surprisingly it's ambiance was really cosy and classic when u stepped in
lotsa German beer bottle and Wine bottle at display rack...
perfect place for gathering with close friends and family...
I think it will be even prettier during the night with they turn on the light.

We ordered mushroom soup, Olio spaghetti, German sausage and vegetarian baked rice.
Voila...i can taste the chunk of mushroom...the rich taste of cream together with mushroom is superb.
German sausage platter, huahaha...i think it has 5 types of's heavenly...
the wonderful taste brought me to germany...
The rice and spaghetti was equally nice...but i couldnt eat much of em...
The food was more than enough for 3 person, sharing always make the food tastier...
Thanks dad for bringing us out.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Something U missed I

I know that i didnt update my blog for quite some time..
here i gonna share with u the activities i did after my finals and the entire month
please be patience with me..

I went back to my aunt's place for a few days...
chatted with my aunts every night before sleeping...
When i was a child they took turns to look after me when mom was working.
Until now,my aunts will prepared my favourite home cooked dish each time i go back without failed.
i feel so loved. <3

I've a cousin that i grow up with,
we spent lotsa time together,
sometimes we fault but there's no hard feelings.
Her sis feels that she treat me better than her own siblings... see who's talking...Im the dai ka che...

We went for our sing-k session
as usual oldies will be on our sing list..
haha..most of the songs are from the 70's, 80's and 90's.
my friends surrender each time i sing oldies
sorry la..i prefer oldies because the lyrics are more refine and meaningful.
But my cousin is ok with my selection of songs.

here are some pic during our k session..

Greetings from Neway

I kissed a girl and i liked it..remember who's song is that ??
pure sisterly love...hehe...muaks...

Dun tell our moms that we kissed....shhhh...keep it a secret..





Friday, 25 September 2009

D- day

drum rolls please...
exam is finally over...

first and for most,
i wanna drop dead on my bed,
pampered myself with good food,
and hang out with my group of friends..
any brilliant plans guys??

God, i can really have a good rest,
U dont know how stressed am i for the entire exam period
insomnia, moody , lost motivation,sinusitis attact before the last day of exam.
lucky im still able to answer but with panda eyes.

For every paper i sat for, i've been rushing againt time during the 2 hour period.
I hope that my lecturer are able to read my artistic hand writing.
This is i dun dare to predict how my result would be, so it is in the hands of god..i mean my dear beloved lecturer. huahahaha...i cant believe im saying this.

So happy holiday friends.
Enjoy ur 3 months break.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Bitchy mouth encounter

Yea i was back in penang for my cousin's wedding
aside from gathering with relatives
i was verbally insulted..
here's the story.

Before the wedding day,
we gathered at our uncle's place..
as soon as my bitchy mouth aunt saw me
she said im getting fatter and fatter. born with this bone frame
expect me to shrink into a smaller bone frame is it?
im not the great magician David Copperfield okay.

i ignored her and continue chatting with other relatives.
then when bitchy mouth aunt saw a child who is my paternal grandmother sis's daughter's grandchild, which is quite fleshy and chubby for her age.
thus she started the good old grandfather stories,
saying that i look exactly like that when i was young.
shit lar..why her words kept revolving me.
i admit was chubby when i was young, but im not over weight.

I think i was three at that time...chubby but adorable. ^^

The next day, after the tea ceremony.
My paternal cousin uncle told us to interact with the group of cousin that we 1st meet,
cause we dont know when we'll be seeing each other again.
well, to be honest, im not the kind person who like to interact with strangers.
but since everyone of us is connected by blood,
no harm getting to know them.
as normal it was a get to know each other session,
we briefly introduce our name and who's children we are.
now here come that part when that bitchy mouth aunt join in and started to talk crap

cousin1:Civil engineer
cousin3:Taking masters

BMA:wah see all of them so clever...she(me) paisey d ..i dont know why u're taking this sorta course, very weird course u know..
me: (looked at her and smile.)
BMA: u're chicken is it? i mean ur zodiac
me: (i stared at at her, chicken normally refer to prostitute) chicken is jack's zodiac and rabbit is my chinese zodiac..
BMA: wah...rabbit very pai si wan..

First impression count,
I really looked like a clown,
putting on a smile for everyone negative words she said
i totally wanna dig a pit and hide in there,
i felt extremely embarrassed.
Not because of the course im persuing
but the way i've being treated by my aunty.
hey, what's wrong with taking chinese studies?
I love my language, stand aside if u cant understand the beauty of the language.

How will my cousin think of me,
maybe they'll think im stupid, immature,
that BM aunt ruin my image with all her negative words.
it was ironic that my own paternal aunt will do so.

Since young she told me im fat,
my hand writing is ugly.
when im grow up she says im obese
and now saying that im a chicken and criticed about the course im taking?
i wonder how many ignorant ppl are out there wondering what im learning in my course.
what do u want from ?
u went too far this time, and im really pissed.

I cant stop swearing in the car
nonsense, why she's so against me?
i never talk back to my eldest,
and now im been treated like a silly donkey.
I cant tolerate no more,
my parents told me i can tell her not to comment about my course when she strikes again.
i sure will. blardy hell...y dont she looked at her own children.

I cried badly through the whole journey back to the hotel,
feeling very ashamed, and depressed,
hey, i work hard to maintain my grades
as far as i know,
only rain drops and rubbish will fall from the sky but not my certs.

now u're the 1st person to enter my hate list.
I hate u from now on till forever, till u're six feet under.
i mean my words.
Dont mess with me again.

my dad actually personally told that bitchy mouth fella not to comment about my course after the wedding dinner...
huahaha...i never thought my dad will do so, thanks dad.

maybe next time she'll find other thing to picked on.
wait and see, i'll keep u update.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

E& T specialist

Having nasal sinusitis since young
Im very particular in most things
No dusty places, change of weather, ect ect.

I bring my nasal medication whenever i go..
Recently i found out that my medication dont seem to work
cuz im having my sinus attack every 2 days..
blocked nose, teary eyes, building a mountain of wantan
maybe someone might think im a H1N1 carrier..

So i old my parents about my condition..
hopping that i wont be bringing the whole box of tissue paper to the examination hall
Went to Sunway medical Centre to consult a E & T specialist on Saturday
normal procedure , take number, filled in the particular form,waited to be called.
as soon as the Nurse call me Lean Fong
i was kinda irritated..sigh...what wrong with them?
my name is Lea Fong, dun need to add an extra N to my name ok
im sure she's having reading problem
it's isnt that hard to pronounce L-E-A right?

My 1st meeting with that so called specialist was kinda remarkable
the moment i stepped in the clinic
our conversation as below

Doc: How long u been having this problem ?
Me: Since i was 6.
Doc: So better operate, it's just a minor wan,
Me: (..........?????)
Doc: Im very expert at this, i worked at the General hospital for N years, saw lotsa very serious cases and im able to cure them. I can assure u that the percentage of recovery is higher than 80%. * passed an newspaper article to my parents
Me: (stunned..)
Doc: Have you been check with this medical instrument before?
Me: yea..(hey , penang got lotsa good doctors...think im Ah Lean is it ?)
Doc: i think i better arrange u for a CT scan.
Me: ( canggih need to scan some more)

he told me that i better operate it and cure my sinusitis once and for all
Mah, siao ar..wan me to operate??
if i wanted do so, i already operate it when i was young
after that CT scan thingy
that doc told me that my condition wasnt so bad after all..

phew..that was a total relief..
who jump to conclusion in the 1st place?
scare me to death..
then he some more ask me whether i use my nasal spray the correct way not?
wt??? insert nasal spray to nasal and then spray la..
if not insert it to my anus is it?
siao betul...

kanasai, this so call state of the art nasal spray cost me more than 100 bucks
i wonder how many percent went to his pocket
Bo bian, im having this problem..

This fella's professional etiquette is zero to me
he looks more like a sales man than a specialist
he promotes his skills rather then getting to know about patience's condition.
come on la...that's what u learn during med schl is it?
u'll be more successful in the direct selling line.

anyway it will be my first and last time,
I wont to be going there again.



有时就自动自发下收拾下自己的的东西啦 。
以为还在家里, 什么手尾都有妈妈帮忙收拾?
我受不了了。。真的有够Pek Cek。。

那天当她再次提醒我们时,不懂哪一个天才说,要买比较大的水果会比较好吃, 还说冰橱太小。


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Health Problem

Recently my gastric problem recur
This is im not sure whether it's due to study stress or my daily diet.

Let me show u how high my study stress is,
stuck with assignment and report at the last week of semester
Face final without any tips..
yea..our scope is pretty wide and we're expected to be a examination machine...
can anyone implant all my exam related microchip into my brain?

Normally I have oats and coffee for breakfast,
bread for lunch, milo for tea break, proper food during dinner.
Sometimes supper with my mates.

I dont know where went wrong
one day i puked everything out after dinner...

This reminds me of fainting in the toilet during secondary schl..
yea..during my form 5 when i was so stressed up with my studies..
and not long ago i fainting while i was walking across the road..
i was lucky that no cars where passing by the crucial moment...
so and then i was rushed to the emergency ward..
Blood sample, urine sample were taken..
Blood pressure , body temperature were measured

my parents were so worried they even bring my to a heart specialist to make sure that's nothing wrong with my heart..
Im worried..give me some help.
What should i do ?

Friday, 11 September 2009

Sweet treat

Feeling down and Craving for something sweet?
here is a way to sweeten things up..

Im worried sick about my Japanese paper 2mr,
lack of motivation and im too stressed out to concentrate,
hoping to score a better result than previous semester..
but seriously im not a person who can focus 100% on my books..

situation 1

me: mi, everyday study like that very sien lar..
mom: dun study lor..

me: kao lat

situation 2

me: papa, study till bo mia
..what to do huh?
papa: nevermind u study and watch tv at the same time..

me: huahahahaha

this is wat happen when i told my parents that i've lost mood to study,
rather than giving me lotsa stress,
they gave me much freedom and let me study according to my pace.
im freaking lucky.

okok...i got carried away
now i gonna show the simplest way of making ur own HONEY MILK
sounds delightful right?
just a few step

Ingredients: honey and milk

1st, pour some water into a cup,
then add in a table spoon of honey, remember to mix well,
i prefer
and then add in milk.

here you are, your very own honey milk..
the rich and sweet taste will make u forget about the stress..
trust me, it works...

see how happy am i now...weee~~~~

Friday, 28 August 2009

Simply A-maize-ing

My parents brought me some corn from Cameron highland on sunday
i can assure that the sweetness is beyond any corn sold out there..
although im quite full after dinner,
but still i have the appetite to eat one of the corn...

After coming back from class..
i was tired, but was way hungry
some i came out with this idea
cooking a a bowl of creamy corn soup..

These are the ingredients
corn, crab stick, sausage, some big onions, and full cream milk


picture from clockwise

1. one stick of corn ,
2. slice crab stick and sausage into bite size
3. put in onion while the pot water is boiled
4. after that add in the bowl of corn
5. next, put in the crab stick and sausages chunks
6. lastly add in milk after every ingredient come to a boiled

here u are
your very own -a-maizie-ing corn soup
like it? try it now..

Thursday, 27 August 2009













Friday, 21 August 2009

Melaka Trip- T1 annual gathering

Align Center
~Getting ready

After 2 hours of bus ride
we reached Melaka----the historical town
actually im not really keen on this trip
But since my tutorial group had put in much effort in this trip
i wont wanna spoil the fun for not turning up.

1~Christ Church Melaka


3~River bank


4~Wind mille


6~Ice kacang that taste heavenly

Dinner time

7~Satay Celup (Before)

8~Satay Celup()


Its was my first time having satay celup,
rather than the conventional satay out there,
it was replaced by a variety of fish ball, meat ball, crap stick being cluster together with a stick
and they dip it into the thick rich peanut sauce.
Wait for several minutes and wooh lah,
the has been coated with peanut sauce..
its more like dipping it into peanuts butter..
we couldnt resists it..
this is a must try item if u vist melaka..


11~Group Photo(say Cheese...)

Although it was tiring walking but i had a great time with my friends.
This was an different experience when i last came with my parents

At the end of the day,
I didnt not went back with an empty handed,

I've bought pineapple tart for my mom and doldol for my dad
~some t-shirt for schl wear
~souvenirs for friends
~some cute accessories

hope they'll like it.

most of us are sleeping on our way back..
by the time i reach home is almost 12 in the midnight
thanks hc for fetching me home..

I know there are more picture than words,
but picture speaks louder than words..
so bear with it..

p/s: im actually too lazy to type..haha..forgive me please

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