Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Luncheon @ Hokkaido Ichiba, The Gardens

Cindy and I decided to meet up at The Gardens mall at mid valley. My dear coursemate from Tesol, Tegll and CIDTT. When I told my friends that it's my very first time driving to mid valley alone, they said it's a piece of cake since I manage to drive to wangsa maju. =.=


<3 Cindy gave me some hand made key chains,
so sweet of her ^o^

 <3 Garlic rice and Omelette with curry,
I quite enjoy this mild Japanese curry,
not spicy and yet it's very fragrant. Not to mention that the curry flavour
did not over shadowed the other elements.

<3 Salmon Belly Miso Soup

<3 Cindy's Beef rice
I can say this Japanese restaurant is really popular, because people were lining up outside waiting to be seated just 5 minutes after Cindy and I entered the shop. So better be early. Next time we shall try their dessert, Cindy just recovered from her cough and It's not fun eating alone.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sleep deprived

Sleep is the most vital thing for me, it's the time where I can recharged my battery after a days work and I would rather choose sleep over food. Hence, I usually sleep all I can during the holidays. Yea, i have been sleep deprived for quite some time. Just look at my panda eyes. Sigh, eye cream is useless on my skin.

This morning I was awaken by the drilling sound from the neighbour's house behind followed by loud footsteps and conversation. Yea, I know you're working your ass off and you don't have to inform and wake up everyone around that area. Thank you for waking me up from my sleep. I felt horrible being woken up by such noise. I reluctantly leave my bed, freshen up and went down to make myself a cup of coffee. Just when i wanted to take a sip of coffee, the garbage lorry was unloading the rubbish around my house, wahlau eh. Im surrounded by noise. Can give me a break?

Fine, might as well ignore it and submerged myself in music. After awhile, the garbage car left and the renovation is back again. ARghhhhh..*pulls hair* drilling, loud footsteps repeats.

 This summarised how i felt

Today is not my day, can you imagine being surrounded by such amusing music. Sound abuse I can say, if i have my own house in the future, I would make my room sound proof.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Luncheon @ Ole Ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid

We had our long awaited gathering cum farewell during the school holidays. Since most of us are free, yay freedom for teachers. You cant imagine all the work we had, if you can survive in the school I worked at, Im sure you can survive anywhere. Yea, we are now bullet proof and stainless steel.

ф The entrance~
We were their first customers,
early bird discount ada?

ф Balinese feel

ф Interior
ф cosy ambience

ф Ladies in the house
Behind: Me, Ms Tan, Ms Wan
Front: Aina, Izyan, Ms Foh

ф Thirst quenchers are served.
From back to front,
Avocado yogurt drink, Ice Lemonande, 
Grass jelly with rambutans and cappuccino. 

ф Food that conquered our taste buds,
I don't remember the names but it's delicious.

ф A picture with the food before it was devoured ,
the portion was huge, 
thus I would say it's would be just nice for 2 person.

ф Everyone was busy eating and i was busy cam whoring.
cant help it, LOL

ф Thanks for the souvenirs,
very thoughtful of you all.

ф Cam whore before we leave the restaurant,
blame me for the unstable hand.

ф After several attempts this is the end product.
Dont be the one holding the camera,
or else your face gonna really stand out from others.
Like Izyan said, be the one who adjust the camera instead. 

Till we meet again,
miss you all

Thursday, 1 December 2011









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