Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Turned over a new leaf

The length of my hair had grown longer and has gone out of shape plus my fringe is getting uglier, so i decided to go for a haircut. I went back to my usual stylist, told her that i wanna maintain my current hair length and my image is in her hands. I got bangs @@''? you must be kidding?? the last time i got bangs was when i was in pre school.

There was once when some dumb ass stylist cut bangs without telling me and the bangs didnt suit me, it was a total nightmare. I wanted to burn down the shop and shave her hair bald. No bangs from that time onwards. 

One thing i like about my current hairstylist is that she is generous with advice as she will teach me how to style my hair after giving me a new look. Unlike some selfish hairstylist that I mentioned earlier who ruined my hairstyle and asked me to figure out myself..sigh =.=

To be frank, thanks to mom Im blessed with very thick hair volume, thus i tend to use up more shampoo and my hair took longer to dry as my hair had grown longer. Yea, you can laugh all you want, at least the chances for me to go bald is slim..LOL.

#voila~my new hairstyle
i feel my head is much lighter and i'll definitely save my usage of shampoo
btw, my mom havnt got used to my bangs yet. rotfl  XD 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dim Sum @ The Ming Room, BSC

It's weekends again, Dad is back for the weekend and that means food hunting!! yeah, looks like my blog is slowly transforming into a food blog. Never mind, who doesn't like pampering themselves with good food?

#Admiring the scenery while on my way to Bangsar Shopping Centre,
good thing the traffic was smooth =D
#Traditional Malay music was played while I was there,
it was pleasing to the ears.
I can feel Hari Raya atmosphere approaching.
Dah beli baju raya/kuih raya??
This reminds me of my days Form 6 school days when my Malay friends brought us kuih raya and lemang.XD 

 #We're at The Ming Room for Dim Sum,
the last call will be at 2.30pm
so no hurry =D

#The menu,
look at the items available,
from steamed dim sum , deep fried food, cheong fun, porridge etc etc 
im attempted to order all the dimsum,
Lol, i know my eyes are larger than my stomach.


#Business is good, can you see how crowded it is?
The more the merrier,
so it's not surprising seeing a long queue outside,

Dimsum lovers are patiently waiting for their turn.
#Fried yam stuffed with meat~
one of my favourite.
#BBQ Pork Rib

#Fish fillet, forget the name of the dish.
opps..my bad

#Cheong Fun,
the flour used was refined it sorta melt in my mouth,
the texture is unforgettable.

#Dim sum~
it's incomplete without having har gau and siu mai on the table.

Although this is not my first time here, it's the quality, authenticity and consistency of food that make us coming back for more. The food here never fails to heal my soul and brighten up my day.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tea Time special @ Secret Recipe

Feeling tired and stressful as work load builds up while deadline is banging at your door? I know exactly how you feel because this is how my life is for the past few months. Endless work to do, seriously sleep deprived  !@#$^%^&*()_+ *pulls hair* *bangs wall* I know school holiday is around the corner, but work waves its hand to me every single minute. Seriously, I dont have a life. FML =.=

#Aloha~How was your holiday?
I spent the entire day at home busy marking my students work. TT4TT
Food therapy is always my cure,
Being moody and grumpy,
yea I am complaining 24-7,
no bright side for me to look on to,
so Mom and I headed to Secret Recipe.
There are having special promotion during Tea Time(3pm-6pm),
A free cup of coffee/ tea will be served with every slice of cake ordered.

#Black and white Cheese cake,
not really to my liking it's too milky and it's kinda boring eating the same taste.

#Yogurt Cheese Cake~
Highly recommended =D
the texture is light and there's room for dinner after eating this slice of cake.

#Energy drink to keep me awake.
Ok, I'm feeling energized and i gonna continue marking. 
My job as a teacher really makes me like a machine.
I want my life back. TT3TT

Monday, 15 August 2011

Picture says a thousand words

I believe picture says a thousand words and this is a useful visual aid while lesson is conducted. As students are able to visualise better with picture rather than just looking at words. This time i decided to do something new in class, I asked my students to help me with the drawing. Fyi, it seems that god forget to pour the artistic part on me. So my drawing skill remains at pre-school level TT4TT.

 #Picasso in the making

 #Hazim, me, Vincent who is standing like a stick=.=

#Hanis , me 

#Fatihah, me & Hanis 

 #Bell bell, me

 #Tada~the master piece~
the flower pot and fishes which were beautifully drawn, 
but somehow the people turned out as naruto character
guess my students are anime fans.

Since my drawing skills are way below average, I admire those who are able to express themselves by drawing. But the bright side is I'm still capable to express my thoughts by words. In short, try not to compare with others on what you do not possess but look deep inside yourself and you might discover your hidden talent.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chatime is coming to Subang Parade

As usual, I'll dropped by in Subang Parade after work to get a drink, this time I went over to Gloria Jeans. The place was quiet due to the fasting month, I wonder will they be serving me a larger portion as there were less customers around. XD

#Just ignore my puffy eyes @@,
I had been sleeping pretty late for the past few weeks,
marking my students' test paper and reading through their essay 
ate up my weekends and sleeping time.
Im officially sleep deprived TT4TT
Cant wait for the school holiday to come~

#Ice blended Creme Brule,
the caffeine level was just right.

#Caffe Latte,
the drink was so so only,
still prefer coffee bean's version
at least the aroma is better.

#To my surprise,
Chatime is coming to Subang Parade, yay~
I heard of this taiwan pearl tea franchise but i didnt have the chance to try it yet.
Cant wait to have a chat time at chatime
Any suggestion or recommendation?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Indian Vegetarian Food @ Brickfields

Not long ago, Agnes brought us (Astina, Anita, Cindy and I) to her usual vegetarian shop. However this was slightly different, for the first time I had stuffed tauhu in an Indian restaurant. Well, food has no boundaries.

#Hey peeps, how is youur week so far?
Notice any difference with my hair style?

#I ordered Mango Lassi which was out of the world delicious.
The mango was so pure, I wondered what kinda mango they used.

#Vegetarian Yong Tau Fu aka stuffed tauhu.
It came in a claypot filled with generous portion of soup together with 
stuffed eggplant, stuffed ladies finger, stuffed chili and some beancurd.

#Agnes's vegetarian Nasi Beriyani
I would like to try this out next time.

After we had our satisfying meal , we had quite a hard time focusing on our grammar exam. Due to some miscommunication we had to share the classroom with our Tesol juniors. I believed that my juniors were quite excited during their 1st lesson, they kept asking question after question. Man, I almost wanted to translate their conversation into indirect speech. I know I got carried away. Thus, we end up discussing our answer with each other.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Exam blues

Hi peeps, enjoying your weekend?

It has been a week of invigilating and marking test papers. From my past experience, invigilating is more tiring than teaching. As I'll be walking around the class, attending to students who need extra answer sheets.

I know STUDYING =STUdent + DYING. I seem to more stressed out than my students as my pimples are popping and dandruff are falling like snowflakes, arghhh. I had tried my best to help them, hope my students gonna do well.*finger crossed*

However, when I started marking the marks are way far from satisfactory, *bang walls* my heart dropped into the bottom of the valley. Sigh, is it my fault or they are just not interested? Kaolat, looks like it's my turn to write report to explain why the passing rates are low. This is very sad and disappointing if you read my emo post few days back, it's about the grades.

Few days back, while I was rushing against time to do revision with my students, some of them were willing to ask if they still had doubts about the subject, im more than happy to clear their doubts. But, some just ignored and happily think mandarin is not important and they even tell me that it's a useless subject. =.= how disrespectful and im kinda immune with this sorta remarks.

Now it's not easy being a language teacher, as most students are more focused on maths and science subject. Hence, the standard of language is slowly deteriorating as less people emphasized on the importance of language. They will be okay in daily conversation, but they gonna looked awful on paper. I can shower them with knowledge but if they are not willing to absorb, I cant do anything.

Are there any more effective method to study?
I need help~

Thursday, 4 August 2011

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