Monday, 2 January 2012

Bon voyage 2011, Bonjour 2012


Happy New Year!!!!

Hey people, Happy 2012.
  It hard to believe that 2011 is over in a blink of an eye.
I sat down and start reminiscing what happened over the year.

1.Chose education as my career path and took up the challenge of teaching Mandarin in a private secondary school. I gonna make good use of my Chinese degree, at least I practice what I had learnt. 

2.Got myself a new 11' inches laptop, my old laptop had served me well during my Uni days.

3.Received my diploma in English with distinction. Hard work totally paid off, working on the weekdays and full day class during the weekend. Have to thank Mdm Sunbeam for her guidance as without her my assignments wont be complete in time.

4. Taught Chinese Fan Dance for the very first time. It's sort of an accomplishment for me as I haven't been involved in such a feminine activity before. Glad everything went well.

5.Vacation in Shanghai with my parents during the school holiday. The view is beautiful, gonna blog about that soon.

6.Drove to Wangsa Maju for orchestra practice, I did that for my passion for Chinese orchestra. Had fun practising hard for the concert everyday like I used to during my secondary days.

7.Flew to Kuatan to visit my teacher and took a 10 hours car ride to KB for the last Ao Xiang concert. Meet up with friends from other orchestra, Ao Xiang is an annual event for those who was under my late instructor's belt, but since the demise of my instructor the committee decided this is gonna to be the last. Sad, Ao Xiang means a lot to me.

8.Bought a Samsung galaxy Wonder after plenty of surveying and comparison. Man, My life is wonder-ful. My W810i that I had used for 5 years will retire and remain as my alarm and mp3 player.

At least I remember most of the major events that happened in Year 2011. Life is full of challenges and surprises thus we can never predict what's coming up next. I live my days up to the fullest and have no regrets, what about you?

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