Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Educational Trip to Putrajaya

After the finals had ended, our school organized an Educational trip to Putrajaya. Students gathered at the basketball court according to their bus. Each bus were accompanied by three teachers to babysit take care  of the monkeys students. The journey took about 45 minutes from Subang Jaya.

First destination, Taman Warisan Pertanian aka Agricultural Heritage Park. 
This park showcase Malaysia agricultural development over the decades, such as agro industry plants, tropical fruit trees, herb and spices. Thus, I think this is the perfect way to expose our students to plants that had contributed in the growth of  Malaysia economy.

Kenneth, Me, Wai Xing

 Jian San, Me, Justin
yea, they are my bodyguard LOL

 Camwhore is a must

2nd destination, Putra Mosque

 Ms Tan, Ms Foh, Ms Wan, Me

 Zera, Pei Xian, Me, Jian San, Suet Yeng,
it's so hard to keep our eyes open against the hot sun

Lunch time- Freedom time

Me having tomyam udon for lucnh at black canyon

3rd Destination, The Pm's residence

Ms Tan, Ms Foh, Me

Mission accomplished.
Time to head back to school

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dinner at Tony Roma's, Sunway Pyramid

Greeting everyone~
I know I havn't been blogging often,
I apologize deeply for that.
Well, I was busy preparing my students for their finals and marking their test.
I guess that's the best way of torturing teachers.
Arghhh~~~~teacher abuse ~~~~

After working for so hard, 

I decided to pamper myself with good food.
My friend recommended Tony Roma's,
why not give it a try~

 Relaxing ambience,
I choose a place near the window.

Upon our order, the complimentary Bread Roll was served with their garlic paste.
Nothing special with their bread roll, the texture was too hard for my liking.
However, the garlic paste was buttery and not too strong.

Half onion Loaf, this starter comes with huge ass hand-cut Spanish onions, 
breaded and deep fried to perfection.
It comes with their BBQ sauce.

Strawberry Lemonade,
Strawberry Syrup+Soda water+ Lemon Juice,
the taste is just simply refreshing.
Voila, dinner is served-Grilled Salmon with Shrimp Piccata.
It's served with a side dish of broccoli and mashed potatoes.
the grilled salmon is juicy and tender with each bite. 
Not to mention that, the shrimp is succulent as well.
The lemon juice really brings out the taste of the salmon.
Salmon and shrimp really complement each other.
Thumbs up

Overall, I really enjoyed the food as their ingredients were fresh and well prepared. Their service was good as their staff were friendly and helpful in giving recommendation. Yea, they know their job, it's worth paying that 16% of tax. I'll be coming back for sure.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Sence, Chinese Orchestra Concert 《傾聽》華樂演奏會

A few months back, Lovis called and asked me to join their annual concert. Without hesitation, I agreed to join BIG YES~~~ No reason to reject as I'll be free during the Deepavali Holiday. Chinese Orchestra played an major role during high school, because of my late Coach, we got the opportunity to join Ao Xiang every year and get to know friends from different states. There were too much happy moments together, we shared our tears and laughters. Thus, this is how our friendship bloomed over the years. Nothing can compared with a group of friends who treasure each others talent.

 ∮Picture taken in TAR College,
thanks Janet for capturing the right angle and suitable background.
Been practicing my ass of during the three days intensive camp.
My skill has become rusty and it's my fault that i didnt practice frequently.
Sigh, this is studying last minute for the exam
and Im not a last minute person.
Stress max, *pushed panic button*

 ∮Doing some last minute preparation before the concert starts.
I was very nervous and my palms very sweating as my last performance was two years ago.
Hope everything goes well.

 ∮Group photo before the concert starts.

 ∮Paying full attention to the conductor~

 ∮With my high school juniors, 
JunWei, WeiJing, Ervin and yours truly.
We had fun and memories appeared before our eyes.

 ∮With Icing Dear~
Got to know her 2 years ago and she was my yangqin partner during the concert.

 ∮Big smile on our face,
the concert was a success.

 ∮Ervin, me
Friend asked: Why do I looked smaller in size?
Ervin answered: He was standing on the stairs so he looked taller.
My answer, Ervin grown much taller after hitting puberty..XDXD

 ∮Some of my high school juniors came over to support,
Im more than happy to meet them again.
Back: Janathon, Wei Heng, Wei Jing
Front: ZhanZhi, Ervin, Tommy, Yours Truly, Jun Wei and Winny


 ∮With my partner, Yee Yan,
thanks for lending me your scores.

With Amelia, the skilful drummer.
When she's playing on stage, 
she has the ability to capture the audiences attention with her stunning performance.

Lovis, the conductor for the concert.
I owe him a big thank you for giving me the chance to perform with his orchestra
and his patience over the period.
He guided me a lot during the intensive camp,
 without him I would not be able to learn up all those songs in time.

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