Friday, 19 December 2008

New Year Resolution for 2009

Seasons greeting my friends

Guess I'll only online after going back to PJ

So Merry Christmas + happy dong zhi冬至+ happy new year advance is my larger than life new year resolution hard
3 more semester to go, so i have to work 3times harder so that i can graduate without worrying that i cant secure a job. after studying half way, my brains seems kinda slow absorbing knowledge. i'll start preparing for my exam rather then studying last minutes n transforming into coffee princess for a entire exam week. a good daughter
staying in campus already make me spend less time with my parents,i'll try going back more often. Not that im not concern about my parents, but sometimes as i grow up i need my space too, spending most of the time at home during my secondary school days, i guess it's fair enough for me to have sometime mixing with my uni friends. a good student
got nothing much to say about this, i'll put in more efforts doing my assignment and presentation. I really wanna improve.

4.reduce the time surfing the net
i can reduce time on chatting, but i'll still continue blog no life wei...
at least i keep my friends update with what im doing...haha...after they miss me too much..see im so good...must visit my blog more often k... more
apart from reading my text book, i'll find time reading other materials...or else my English will remain in form 6 standard..i wont people condemning on my english..i need improvement..what should i read other than the english paper?

6.cultivate good habits n change bad habits
I'll scold less vulgar words, be more patience, be more punctual, dont procrastinate,
be more warm to others and other good attitude. i'll try my best to change, but can i really able to cut down my vulgar-ness?? damn susah can i...means when some one get into ur nerves ..u wanna give him a big smile ar? sorry man..this is so not leafong..
erm..i think is this what i have in mind and really need to achieve...
i think some people have ask me question like:

''how come u dun say i want get a rich guy to be my bf, so can buy me all kinda branded stuff sorta things wan'' is not everything la...but frankly speaking we need money to survive..
just be happy with what u have and u will see life differently...

''now recession of course find a rich guy to cushion of all ur expenses la, with ur looks sure lotsa guys will willing pay the bill for u''

siao ar..think im wat? blood-sucking vampire ar..i dont choose my friends from their financial looking for a sincere and long lasting friendship.

im really grateful having supportive parents and friends that gave encouragement while im down, overcome obstacles together, thanks for being by my side and accepting for who i am, i couldnt have thanked u truly blessed..

sign off for 2007~~~~~

thai food

Tonight my parents decided to bring to for thai food..
sweet n sour food always tickle my taste buds..
from sour plum, lime juice, thai chili sauce etc etc

pregnant ar u? how come like to eat sour things huh??

chew...not pregnant cannot eat sour food wan meh ?

i remembered getting sore throat n fever after i drank the entire bowl of super hot n spicy n sour tom yam..
yea..this's crazy/madness/out of my mind...
still young that time wat...
not so health concious...
after getting gastric for not eating properly
now im scare that the acid will puncture a hole in my stomach...

but tonight..cincai harm drinking once in a while right..hehe
i love my cup of sour plum with lime
it's so sour till i gonna frown
the beauty of this drink...hahaha

while waiting to the food to come
a cat miao-ing here n there looking at me with innocent eyes
dont look at me k...wont give u food anyway...
i dont like cats...its too manja n sticky...miao~~~

u can see for yourself what im eating right..hehe
no need me to describe...
okla...petai egg+2 vege dish +fish...
*im busy eating...

the behind me kept bursting out with laughter
uncle dont laugh so loud can bo?
i can see the HAHAHAHA falling down from the sky not kidding..they groups of guys are really laughing too loud..

minus the miao-ing here n there, HAHAHAHA over the sky, and the long wait
it was actually a very satisfying meal...
thanks to bringing me along...

Thursday, 18 December 2008







Social etiquette

Recently I find out that Im not able to tolerate noise

During my stay at Kluang, Johor

It is like chaos when im having my breakfast at the coffee house

I feel like throwing my plates at their face n stuff bread into their mouth

hey parents, u think u’re at a coffee shop by the road side huh?

can u please teach ur kids to lower their volume?

Although parents are happy seeing their kids lively n energetic

Instead of having a quiet n peaceful morning

such noise is really disturbing and might spoil everyone’s morning mood

Thus, I think it’s kind of unfair for the other hotel guest

Then on my way back from Johor

while having coffee break at Shalala coffee house

as usual I saw a large crowd and kids all over around

They shout, yell and scream..

wahim like at a war zone…

The noise is killing me

Hey kids, shouting like this can damage ur voice box u know

aduh, where on earth r their parents

I know its schl holiday so it’s perfectly normal to see parents bringing out their kids for a short holiday.

after getting my latte ,I can hear parents calling their kids from a distance

ah boy, ah girl, ah long, ah ngah….

now I know where the kids learn this from..

Kids where running around like they had been locked in cages for ages…

pening man…thanked to our education system who focus too much of academic result

no where to release their surplus energy

next time the coffee house will come out with a “please lower down ur volume” sign

like what are they doing in the library

or maybe kids under 12 years of age are not allow to enter


to describe my feelings at that moment, please look at the pictures below...

im feeling from ok to annoyed to super pekcek

Don’t get it wrong, not that I dislike kids..

just that seeing kids misbehave in public is an eye sore for me..’s not for me to decide how people kids gonna behave

next time an ear plug will be handy for me

dive in a world of orchestra music

I feeling much better now…

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Home alone

30th November

Before my parents went out today my mom told me sek ji gei(take care of myself)

okay, this means I have to cook my own lunch

I come out with that brilliant idea

that is steamed egg a.k.a cawamushi

uahaaha…I can finally cook something other than instant noodles… just kidding, I can prepare some simple dishes…

it’s easy to prepare, no mess n it’s suitable for the lazy ppl like me…

guess this time the cooking program come in handy..

who say watching tv program is a waste of time?

but my version of steamed egg is slightly different from any other steamed egg out there

here are the ingredients

egg, milk, cheese, assorted meat balls

don’t ask me the measurements

cuz I just mix everything together…

huahaha…bad example..this why I never bake

ya..add everything according to ur own liking

if an egg is not enough add another 1

add the whole packet of cheese if one slice doesn’t satisfied ur taste buds

i add about half cup of milk to the egg mixture

after adding the milk , put a generous amount of cheese into the mixture

and some soya sauce for seasoning

after that, add in a number of chicken balls, sotong balls, crab stick..

put it into a steamer after rojak-ing all the ingredients

cook for around 5-10 min.. tick tock tick tock

see the steam??

you can see cheese oozing out from the corner

wulala…no bad for a first timer eh?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

it's another late entry...

Went for dinner with dad’s gang of friends
Its nice meeting them again
All the warm hand shake
It suppose to be a happy gathering then all of a sudden from no where somebody interrupt the conversation

“Wah, ah girl how come u suddenly become so fat
I couldn’t recognize u at all…”
OS: kanasai…yalar…I spend all my time eating instead of studying…happy with the answer?

I give her a big smile, and tell her that my mom is feeding me with cheese everyday…

“Aiyo..U so lucky lar…ur mom take so good care of u...”

What the heck…hypocrite…

After dinner,
She try to convince me that im-such-a fat-ass,

“So since u r so fat now, all ur clothes couldn’t fit d right,
Have to buy new clothes lor…”

OS: so fat now..i donate all my old clothes to the charity

Hoho,aunty..did I gain so much weight since going to uni ?
U wanna have an eye check or MRI scan not?
Maybe something is going wrong..

What is fat ?

FAT? fAt? FaT? FAt ? fAT?

GEMUK? gemuk ?


胖?in chinese character it means that

means=body parts


so this means that if u gained more than half of your current weight then u r consider fat

Am I really fat…i just now m fleshy
now Im really confused...

Monday, 15 December 2008














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