Friday, 28 August 2009

Simply A-maize-ing

My parents brought me some corn from Cameron highland on sunday
i can assure that the sweetness is beyond any corn sold out there..
although im quite full after dinner,
but still i have the appetite to eat one of the corn...

After coming back from class..
i was tired, but was way hungry
some i came out with this idea
cooking a a bowl of creamy corn soup..

These are the ingredients
corn, crab stick, sausage, some big onions, and full cream milk


picture from clockwise

1. one stick of corn ,
2. slice crab stick and sausage into bite size
3. put in onion while the pot water is boiled
4. after that add in the bowl of corn
5. next, put in the crab stick and sausages chunks
6. lastly add in milk after every ingredient come to a boiled

here u are
your very own -a-maizie-ing corn soup
like it? try it now..

Thursday, 27 August 2009













Friday, 21 August 2009

Melaka Trip- T1 annual gathering

Align Center
~Getting ready

After 2 hours of bus ride
we reached Melaka----the historical town
actually im not really keen on this trip
But since my tutorial group had put in much effort in this trip
i wont wanna spoil the fun for not turning up.

1~Christ Church Melaka


3~River bank


4~Wind mille


6~Ice kacang that taste heavenly

Dinner time

7~Satay Celup (Before)

8~Satay Celup()


Its was my first time having satay celup,
rather than the conventional satay out there,
it was replaced by a variety of fish ball, meat ball, crap stick being cluster together with a stick
and they dip it into the thick rich peanut sauce.
Wait for several minutes and wooh lah,
the has been coated with peanut sauce..
its more like dipping it into peanuts butter..
we couldnt resists it..
this is a must try item if u vist melaka..


11~Group Photo(say Cheese...)

Although it was tiring walking but i had a great time with my friends.
This was an different experience when i last came with my parents

At the end of the day,
I didnt not went back with an empty handed,

I've bought pineapple tart for my mom and doldol for my dad
~some t-shirt for schl wear
~souvenirs for friends
~some cute accessories

hope they'll like it.

most of us are sleeping on our way back..
by the time i reach home is almost 12 in the midnight
thanks hc for fetching me home..

I know there are more picture than words,
but picture speaks louder than words..
so bear with it..

p/s: im actually too lazy to type..haha..forgive me please

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A worthless friendship

I got a msg from my mates from some online network.

To my suprise she was so so so friendly compared to last time and even started to be concern about my sweet..but the ironic things was, she's the kinda of ppl who is judgemental and materialistic.Do i need a friend like this, think twice, twice wont be enough

well, maybe a gazillion time..where my calculator??

im glad she out of my life and i dont need to meet those shallow minded ppl in person and im not going for any high schl reunion.

Duh, totally hate it..

Please imagine peers that scan u from head to toe and looked down on u..
I cant forget any of those feelings

Now i wonder whether she was attracted by my current appearance or she really wanted to catch up with me after so long time.
that's a friendly hi with motive..
i can smell something from my computer screen.

This reminds me that im fat and nerdy during my secondary schl days so they kept a distance from me or maybe avoid me. why ? because i might make them look ugly and boys will categorized them into the so call UGLY group..

so now i looked slightly better u wanted to be friends with me again?
wtf? i dont know u already..sorry to say so..
who are u to judge me ?

Till now the same matter still occurs in my uni days
Those so called class mates, be friends with u based on things that they can benefits from..
for instance, academic, transport, popularity, or maybe financial aids

Im so freaking tired of all this,
politic in class, being treated like an outcast or maybe non existence..
keep me away from all troublesome matter
Sigh.. the realistic world
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