Saturday, 6 October 2012

Life as a teacher

Looking through the pictures that I took with my Sedaya students , it's always nice that photo is able to capture the moments and memories..

Being a teacher nowadays is challenging and definitely different from the old time, other that instilling knowledge and values into students mind, we also portray ourselves as their friends. Thus they will not hesitate to come to us when they encounter problems.

During my time, most of my teachers were serious and strict. They got zero tolerance for nonsense and I'm always scared of their laser stare. Their stare might be able to slice me up like fruit ninja.However I can't be over friendly till my students climb up to my head, thus i apply and linean but mean business kinda style with my students.Time to study and time to play,

Why do I choose to be a teacher?
I enjoy spending time, teaching teenagers and children,
Not to say that im able to produce zero failure rate but at least I'm able to make a slight difference in their learning experience.

Why do I choose to teach Mandarin?
Well, my major was in Chinese Studies, why not spread the knowledge to the next generation. thus what I've learnt is not going down to the drain. I practice what I had learnt.

Thanks for giving me such an valuable experience, let's cherish the memories together.
Last bu not least, Good luck to all PMR candidates.

Thursday, 30 August 2012


When I saw my friends convocation pictures on facebook lately , it reminded me of my convocation when I received my scroll. Good thing that I managed to secure a job after my graduation. phew. Screw you who doubted me.

  #The moment that i made my parents proud,
my three years of hard work paid off

 #My jimuis,
from left me, chooi hoon, Ya Hui, Julia, Nancy
Didnt meet them for quite a long time,
Nancy and Yahui went back to their hometown in east malaysia
while Chooi Hoon and Julia are still in KL occupied with their own studies/ work
 When we'll meet again? Im waiting for our gathering~

Monday, 2 January 2012

Bon voyage 2011, Bonjour 2012


Happy New Year!!!!

Hey people, Happy 2012.
  It hard to believe that 2011 is over in a blink of an eye.
I sat down and start reminiscing what happened over the year.

1.Chose education as my career path and took up the challenge of teaching Mandarin in a private secondary school. I gonna make good use of my Chinese degree, at least I practice what I had learnt. 

2.Got myself a new 11' inches laptop, my old laptop had served me well during my Uni days.

3.Received my diploma in English with distinction. Hard work totally paid off, working on the weekdays and full day class during the weekend. Have to thank Mdm Sunbeam for her guidance as without her my assignments wont be complete in time.

4. Taught Chinese Fan Dance for the very first time. It's sort of an accomplishment for me as I haven't been involved in such a feminine activity before. Glad everything went well.

5.Vacation in Shanghai with my parents during the school holiday. The view is beautiful, gonna blog about that soon.

6.Drove to Wangsa Maju for orchestra practice, I did that for my passion for Chinese orchestra. Had fun practising hard for the concert everyday like I used to during my secondary days.

7.Flew to Kuatan to visit my teacher and took a 10 hours car ride to KB for the last Ao Xiang concert. Meet up with friends from other orchestra, Ao Xiang is an annual event for those who was under my late instructor's belt, but since the demise of my instructor the committee decided this is gonna to be the last. Sad, Ao Xiang means a lot to me.

8.Bought a Samsung galaxy Wonder after plenty of surveying and comparison. Man, My life is wonder-ful. My W810i that I had used for 5 years will retire and remain as my alarm and mp3 player.

At least I remember most of the major events that happened in Year 2011. Life is full of challenges and surprises thus we can never predict what's coming up next. I live my days up to the fullest and have no regrets, what about you?

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Luncheon @ Hokkaido Ichiba, The Gardens

Cindy and I decided to meet up at The Gardens mall at mid valley. My dear coursemate from Tesol, Tegll and CIDTT. When I told my friends that it's my very first time driving to mid valley alone, they said it's a piece of cake since I manage to drive to wangsa maju. =.=


<3 Cindy gave me some hand made key chains,
so sweet of her ^o^

 <3 Garlic rice and Omelette with curry,
I quite enjoy this mild Japanese curry,
not spicy and yet it's very fragrant. Not to mention that the curry flavour
did not over shadowed the other elements.

<3 Salmon Belly Miso Soup

<3 Cindy's Beef rice
I can say this Japanese restaurant is really popular, because people were lining up outside waiting to be seated just 5 minutes after Cindy and I entered the shop. So better be early. Next time we shall try their dessert, Cindy just recovered from her cough and It's not fun eating alone.
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