Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mascara to my rescue

I slept at 4am last night,
twinkle twinkle little star is still in my eyes when i got up this morning,
plus my panda eyes and i looked like a zombie..

kaolat leao, i gonna meet up with friends later..
putting my glasses on while hanging out with friends is a no no,
i feel more confident not wearing glasses,
so i came out with this idea..
**ting..maybe i can apply mascara to make my eyes more awake and fresh..
wuhuhu...evil grin..
to be honest im not a person that apply make up very often
i normally leave the house after applying sun block..

thanked god that mom bought me a mascara and i actually have it with me,
it's my 1st time using it anyway,
trying to be really careful to not apply mascara on my face..haha
here it goes, after applying few layer of mascara on my eyelashes
voila my eyes is glinting again and mascara really does wonder to my eyelashes.
merci beacoup..

closed up..
mascara really lengthen my eyelashes...

miracle mascara worked for me..
hope mascara will brighten ur eyes too..
stay pretty ladies~~

my friends asked whether my eyelashes are real,
or i put some eyelash extension or wat,
halo...eyelashes ni ori k..
hehe..looks like applying mascara is not so troublesome after all.
what do u think ?

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Reunion 聚会

my twin dear dear said i should blog more in chinese
so oklah...i'll write some intro in english and the rest gonna be written in chinese
happy now my twin dear dear??

My ehem twin dear dear is in PJ for his intern
it's already 12am in the midnight when they finally reach my place,
and after entering the car, i only find out that all the dudes are my former primary schl mate..
wtf...i didnt meet them since 10..

we sat down at station one
they update me with my friends
most of them are either working or studying in kl
some got married and already have 3 kids..
waleao...totally unexpected..






p/s: 在kl这边读书或做工的同学,我们出来聚聚吧~

Monday, 7 December 2009

Business Class experience

During hari raya,my parents decided to let me fly business class back to kl.
so i wont get stuck in the jam together with my parents
cuz i still have to sit for exam the next next day
thanks so much for saving the time for me.. pretty excited bout this

the seat is so spacious and so comfy
i have more then enough space to stretch my legs and arms.

rather than normal coffee or tea or orange juice during the middle of the journey
this time i got a drink before the flight take off special treatment wan..

a moment later, a completed breakfast set was served together with desert.

i think i gonna skip lunch

while enjoying my breakfast
i captured some beautiful clouds formation

the sky how blue...
i love the cloud,
looks like cotton candy...

a bed a cloud to drop dead on...hahahaha
i seriously need a proper sleep

after such a heavy breakfast
tea is served right after that stomach gonna burst

stewardess :what do u like to hav? coffee ? tea?
me: tea please

stewardess:how do u like ur tea to be prepare?
me: i would like it warm and without sugar

stewardess: would you like to have a few slice of lemon together with it?
me: will be great, thanks

omg...serving 1 single cup of tea need to ask so many question mou?
wahleao...where to find this kinda treatment in economy class..
different class got different treatment wan
even my mom dun treat me like that...
haha...please forgive my ah lian-ness

here's my cup of tea

alors, this is a really an memorable experience for me
not every time that i'll be given a chance to fly at business class
dad, mom, can we travel by business class next time ??

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Short break in Genting

Temperature heated up during our finals,
feeling like a pressure cooker, stress level building up studying paper after paper,
Glad it's finally over.
So its time to take a break and enjoy the fresh air in genting
our anticipated outing that we planned before the finals.
cooling wind blowing against our skin,
the breeze awakens me from my gloomy days of exam.

♪ in no time, we are in the cable car...
gonna enjoy ourselves to the max,
right guys??

♪ group photo, really hard to squeeze all of us inside the pic..
nice work shot.

♪ we've reach the theme park..full of energy.
who's head is resting nicely on my shoulder huh??

♪ warming up~~weee~~~it's a refreshing ride...
more rides ahead

♪ bersemangat sungguh,
let's check again after the ride

♪ on your mark...get set...say cheese

♪ somebody cant even stand straight after the ride,
while im still smiling there.
girl power rulez~~~

♪ heading for our next ride

♪ big smile :))

♪ eye eye captain, we're on the pirate ship,
will i be meeting Johnny D the hottie??
and why that malay dude looking at the camera?

♪ here we go~~lalala

♪ getting higher

♪ now have a deep deep deep breath

♪ and scream scream scream!!!!!!
wahahahaha ~~~~

♪ candid, shot say i looks like tai kah che...
haha..where's my leng??

♪ my high schl mate...lit kwen...
he was shorter during high schl,
and now see how tall he grew after the years
we perli each other every time,
until ppl think we're arguing,
but no hard feelings right,
i guess this is our way of communicating.

♪ the power of three and i miss tai lee.
hope to meet up with her soon.

♪ nice facial expression

♪ how come this pic looked so confused, puzzle and wanna cari gaduh??

♪ this is the original pic

♪ we actually went to the casino to grab a cup of milo..
haha..but the air is full with smoke that irritates my eyes...
we enter in the sense of getting the exposure and not to gamble.

♪ salam satu genting, satu malaysia..
it's great hanging out with all of u.
i think it's my best outing and happiest day for this sem
Good Companion do cheer up my mood.

p/s: thanks kjoo for taking the time to book the hotel room for us.
p/s: thx lit kwen and kjoo for taking photo that leave great memories.

miss u guys loads....muacksssss

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