Friday, 19 December 2008

New Year Resolution for 2009

Seasons greeting my friends

Guess I'll only online after going back to PJ

So Merry Christmas + happy dong zhi冬至+ happy new year advance is my larger than life new year resolution hard
3 more semester to go, so i have to work 3times harder so that i can graduate without worrying that i cant secure a job. after studying half way, my brains seems kinda slow absorbing knowledge. i'll start preparing for my exam rather then studying last minutes n transforming into coffee princess for a entire exam week. a good daughter
staying in campus already make me spend less time with my parents,i'll try going back more often. Not that im not concern about my parents, but sometimes as i grow up i need my space too, spending most of the time at home during my secondary school days, i guess it's fair enough for me to have sometime mixing with my uni friends. a good student
got nothing much to say about this, i'll put in more efforts doing my assignment and presentation. I really wanna improve.

4.reduce the time surfing the net
i can reduce time on chatting, but i'll still continue blog no life wei...
at least i keep my friends update with what im doing...haha...after they miss me too much..see im so good...must visit my blog more often k... more
apart from reading my text book, i'll find time reading other materials...or else my English will remain in form 6 standard..i wont people condemning on my english..i need improvement..what should i read other than the english paper?

6.cultivate good habits n change bad habits
I'll scold less vulgar words, be more patience, be more punctual, dont procrastinate,
be more warm to others and other good attitude. i'll try my best to change, but can i really able to cut down my vulgar-ness?? damn susah can i...means when some one get into ur nerves ..u wanna give him a big smile ar? sorry man..this is so not leafong..
erm..i think is this what i have in mind and really need to achieve...
i think some people have ask me question like:

''how come u dun say i want get a rich guy to be my bf, so can buy me all kinda branded stuff sorta things wan'' is not everything la...but frankly speaking we need money to survive..
just be happy with what u have and u will see life differently...

''now recession of course find a rich guy to cushion of all ur expenses la, with ur looks sure lotsa guys will willing pay the bill for u''

siao ar..think im wat? blood-sucking vampire ar..i dont choose my friends from their financial looking for a sincere and long lasting friendship.

im really grateful having supportive parents and friends that gave encouragement while im down, overcome obstacles together, thanks for being by my side and accepting for who i am, i couldnt have thanked u truly blessed..

sign off for 2007~~~~~

thai food

Tonight my parents decided to bring to for thai food..
sweet n sour food always tickle my taste buds..
from sour plum, lime juice, thai chili sauce etc etc

pregnant ar u? how come like to eat sour things huh??

chew...not pregnant cannot eat sour food wan meh ?

i remembered getting sore throat n fever after i drank the entire bowl of super hot n spicy n sour tom yam..
yea..this's crazy/madness/out of my mind...
still young that time wat...
not so health concious...
after getting gastric for not eating properly
now im scare that the acid will puncture a hole in my stomach...

but tonight..cincai harm drinking once in a while right..hehe
i love my cup of sour plum with lime
it's so sour till i gonna frown
the beauty of this drink...hahaha

while waiting to the food to come
a cat miao-ing here n there looking at me with innocent eyes
dont look at me k...wont give u food anyway...
i dont like cats...its too manja n sticky...miao~~~

u can see for yourself what im eating right..hehe
no need me to describe...
okla...petai egg+2 vege dish +fish...
*im busy eating...

the behind me kept bursting out with laughter
uncle dont laugh so loud can bo?
i can see the HAHAHAHA falling down from the sky not kidding..they groups of guys are really laughing too loud..

minus the miao-ing here n there, HAHAHAHA over the sky, and the long wait
it was actually a very satisfying meal...
thanks to bringing me along...

Thursday, 18 December 2008







Social etiquette

Recently I find out that Im not able to tolerate noise

During my stay at Kluang, Johor

It is like chaos when im having my breakfast at the coffee house

I feel like throwing my plates at their face n stuff bread into their mouth

hey parents, u think u’re at a coffee shop by the road side huh?

can u please teach ur kids to lower their volume?

Although parents are happy seeing their kids lively n energetic

Instead of having a quiet n peaceful morning

such noise is really disturbing and might spoil everyone’s morning mood

Thus, I think it’s kind of unfair for the other hotel guest

Then on my way back from Johor

while having coffee break at Shalala coffee house

as usual I saw a large crowd and kids all over around

They shout, yell and scream..

wahim like at a war zone…

The noise is killing me

Hey kids, shouting like this can damage ur voice box u know

aduh, where on earth r their parents

I know its schl holiday so it’s perfectly normal to see parents bringing out their kids for a short holiday.

after getting my latte ,I can hear parents calling their kids from a distance

ah boy, ah girl, ah long, ah ngah….

now I know where the kids learn this from..

Kids where running around like they had been locked in cages for ages…

pening man…thanked to our education system who focus too much of academic result

no where to release their surplus energy

next time the coffee house will come out with a “please lower down ur volume” sign

like what are they doing in the library

or maybe kids under 12 years of age are not allow to enter


to describe my feelings at that moment, please look at the pictures below...

im feeling from ok to annoyed to super pekcek

Don’t get it wrong, not that I dislike kids..

just that seeing kids misbehave in public is an eye sore for me..’s not for me to decide how people kids gonna behave

next time an ear plug will be handy for me

dive in a world of orchestra music

I feeling much better now…

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Home alone

30th November

Before my parents went out today my mom told me sek ji gei(take care of myself)

okay, this means I have to cook my own lunch

I come out with that brilliant idea

that is steamed egg a.k.a cawamushi

uahaaha…I can finally cook something other than instant noodles… just kidding, I can prepare some simple dishes…

it’s easy to prepare, no mess n it’s suitable for the lazy ppl like me…

guess this time the cooking program come in handy..

who say watching tv program is a waste of time?

but my version of steamed egg is slightly different from any other steamed egg out there

here are the ingredients

egg, milk, cheese, assorted meat balls

don’t ask me the measurements

cuz I just mix everything together…

huahaha…bad example..this why I never bake

ya..add everything according to ur own liking

if an egg is not enough add another 1

add the whole packet of cheese if one slice doesn’t satisfied ur taste buds

i add about half cup of milk to the egg mixture

after adding the milk , put a generous amount of cheese into the mixture

and some soya sauce for seasoning

after that, add in a number of chicken balls, sotong balls, crab stick..

put it into a steamer after rojak-ing all the ingredients

cook for around 5-10 min.. tick tock tick tock

see the steam??

you can see cheese oozing out from the corner

wulala…no bad for a first timer eh?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

it's another late entry...

Went for dinner with dad’s gang of friends
Its nice meeting them again
All the warm hand shake
It suppose to be a happy gathering then all of a sudden from no where somebody interrupt the conversation

“Wah, ah girl how come u suddenly become so fat
I couldn’t recognize u at all…”
OS: kanasai…yalar…I spend all my time eating instead of studying…happy with the answer?

I give her a big smile, and tell her that my mom is feeding me with cheese everyday…

“Aiyo..U so lucky lar…ur mom take so good care of u...”

What the heck…hypocrite…

After dinner,
She try to convince me that im-such-a fat-ass,

“So since u r so fat now, all ur clothes couldn’t fit d right,
Have to buy new clothes lor…”

OS: so fat now..i donate all my old clothes to the charity

Hoho,aunty..did I gain so much weight since going to uni ?
U wanna have an eye check or MRI scan not?
Maybe something is going wrong..

What is fat ?

FAT? fAt? FaT? FAt ? fAT?

GEMUK? gemuk ?


胖?in chinese character it means that

means=body parts


so this means that if u gained more than half of your current weight then u r consider fat

Am I really fat…i just now m fleshy
now Im really confused...

Monday, 15 December 2008














Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cameron Highland

8th Nov 2008

hello cameron highland
it been few years back since the last time i came
After few hours round and round the mountain
we finally reach and its raining
gosh...I'm freezing its even cooler than genting highland
guess the temperature must be less than 16 Celsius

the next day we went to vegetables farm
they even supply it to tesco
according to them, vegetables have to be harvest almost everyday
in order to have to put fertilizer from time to time,
or else it'll be the parasites n worm paradise
watering the vege with enough water...
its hard work k, so kids out there make sure u finish ur vege...dont waste food

I can see dad's friend buying few of boxes vegetable, sweet potato etc etc
wah siao....wanna start a vegetable business is it?
let them continue with their vege business
i have more important things to do
*inhale lotsa fresh air...lotsa lotsa oxygen* there are not enough oxygen in kl

while walking around the farm i notice the plants are bigger n prettier n healthier
haha...because of the unpolluted air huh...
no wonder residents here have better skin, its so radiant...

signing off from cameron....tata

Friday, 21 November 2008

Hair cut

This entry is late for 3 weeks...
drum rolls please...
this is my long awaited hair cut..
should measure my kneck see whether did it grow any longer..
hurray...i been telling my friends that i need a haircut repeatedly....100 times maybe?
haha im a mini old lady...cant stop grumbling bout my hair...
cuz i didnt go for a hair cut after new year...

i've been their frequent customer at alan's saloon since my secondary school days...
kinda familiar with everyone there
''how much of hair do you wanna cut this time?'' alan asked
normally i'll cut 2 or 3 inches so that it can last for a few months
or i'll freak out each time he cuts my hair...
young lady...your hair will grow k..
but since im studying in kl n i wont be going back that regularly
i said ''cut all my spilt ends and freaking ugly highlight''
my friends say they're able to see my dry wire-like hair from afar

my head is feeling so light right...
imagine how much shampoo i gonna save up now...
this time long and managable..
good bye over long messy dry hair.... do i look now?

che koh pek in cyber world part II

Should i be happy or angry when guys start asking me this kinda question
on the up side, somebody is noticing me
on the down side, don't scan me like u know everything
it's really rude..
he don't even know me..

what big??gone older huh?
die la..lack of sleep..

omg??is my pimples that visible? didn't drink enough water..

bulb? what the hell is that?? he means boobs? check ur spelling la for god sake..

why people cant understand simple English...haiz...

i wont mind having this sorta conversation with my jimui(girl friends)
but with someone i don't even know
and he's trying to judge my bra size by my clothing
hey bro,u don't have super laser eyes power that u can scan all the boobs u see..
tell that in front of me,i bet my hand print will b on his face

its common sense right
if u're wearing something fitting of course it show out ur curf
and in most of my picture u'll see me in t-shirt
so when its comes to body hugging clothes
of course there'll be a huge difference

for some guys out there
curve= big boobs + bra size- brains
i feel like throwing nu bra at them

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Dim Sum at kk

I was in Sabah like a week when my dad attent his meeting
mom and I were left to do the shopping

there's something interestin i would like to share with u guys...
in kota kinabalu the sun rise at 5am and sun sets at 5pm...
during my 1st night there i was like
wahlau...wat time is it now?
huh..5pm i thought it was almost 7pm or 8pm..

even the dumpling from the menu looks tempting...

A satisfiying dim sum session...
imagine two pretty laddies eating so much food...
ehem...of course my mom is prettier...

che koh pek in cyber world

while checking my msg at ahmoi
i was really stunned when i receive such a msg....
not stunned, i pengsan(fainted)
im seeing stars..twinkle twinkle bla bla bla this the right way to talk to a lady?

propose me an offer?
uncle, this consider harassment k...

feel free to try ''phone xx''
why not feel try to let me cut ur XX off
dont step on my nerve or i'll burn u into ashes

wat the hell is ''exchange needs''?
butter trade is it?
go chow kit or watever bukit bintang....
(my friends told me about the location....i got nth to do with it)
what i need now is a parang to chop ur head off...
ever heard of beheading?

Nowadays the moral value is kinda low
they have nothing else to do huh?
nevermind..should introduce four confucian classics
that time they'll be scratching their head finding the meaning from the dictionary..
they wont even have time to feel horny...
u'll feel ho-li-ji-ble cuz u cant understand a word of it...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

steamboat after exam

meet the gang...
say cheese

look at the rice cooker
imagine how hungry we are till u drop
after having 3 rounds
all of us surrender

steamboat surrounded by stars of friendship
honey stars? steamboat stars

ladies in da house

mates of 1420
gonna miss u guys...
remember to miss me

Monday, 20 October 2008


Today while we were at gurney plaza
mom and i decided to take western food for lunch
As a big fan of cheese, this is the kinda food i will die for
The food was well prepared and it taste heavenly
A 3 course set lunch which only cost 19.90++
plus no goverment tax
I can never see that in KL

Penang is surounded by nice food and friendly people...
my parents have been feeding me cheese cake
and with all the food that im going to consume during the stay in Penang
I bet i gonna gain at least 2 or 3 kg...

who wanna bet?
round or not round?

Monday, 22 September 2008

Year 2 Semester 1



马华文学(Tutorial 1)

马华文学(Tutorial 1)



Time flies and it's come to end for semester two
and yet its another begining when we step into sem 2
i remembered that time when i was blur and unsure of most of my subject
they are the ones who taught me
although im not a A student
but thanks so much for your guidance

Sunday, 21 September 2008


The big day finally arrived...
my finals is over!!!!
i smell freedom in the air..
here is my long awaited holidays...

It had been a torturing period for me
study, wake up, go for exam, come back and study again
repeat this for 3 whole week
this is like i've lost my connection with the outside world
guess im having book phobia at this moment
gonna sleep for an entire week during my holiday
dont call me me sleeping beauty

wahlau...something wrong with leafong...better keep away..

look at my tired face before i take my final subject

Last night i was too tired that i only manage to sleep at 4am
what the beauty sleep...
my freaking eye bag makes me looks like a zombie..
hope i didnt transform into a panda

anyway..happy holiday to my friends...

Friday, 19 September 2008

Happy belated mid-autumn festival

I'm actually quite happy that I'm able to read most of the hiragana on the menu
the food was delicious,thumbs up for them
since my parents and i were busy
it had been quite a while that i have a proper meal with my them

salad for starters, followed by grilled salmon, chicken ball and chicken breast as side dish,
green tea ice cream for desert and finally sake to complete my dinner
phew...lucky I'm still able to walk straight...

Thanks for everything..
i really enjoyed it..
the food was perfect..
gonna be seeing u all after 3 weeks
take care...gonna miss both of u so much...
I'll take care of myself

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Exam blues II

Feel reluctant to get up
refuse to wake up after my alarm clock rang
because i don't wanna face my exam
and i would rather stay in my dreamland forever

gosh..this is the last n the hardest subject
Tomorrow will be my last n final day to study
to fail or not to fail that is the question...
choy...of course i don't wanna fail it


dream walking in a land of no worries,
drooling happily.

2.alarm rang
eyes half open ,ignore it and continue sleeping
seeking answer inside my dream
i might able to have a good talk with kong zi, meng zi(from the four confucian classic), and maybe they can explain all of their saying to me..

3.knock knock...
huh...who is knocking at my door?

hey leafong we are going go out later to photocopy some notes and have our lunch...

u be ready ya..

OK..very well..feeling kinda blur..looking for my is in a complete mess..

4.walk straight to the bed
Don't bother d la..
continue sleeping..where is my kuma-kuma?

~The End~

i should overcome my fear and shouldn't be avoiding it
it makes me like a total dumb ass

hey you are 21...don't act like as a 3 year old

if i continue with this kinda negative attitude
it would be a miracle for me to pass the exam with flying colours
so i would just continue dreaming try my best

believe in yourself..u r leafong wat...
u are able to achieve the unreachable

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


now im having this major problem
although im not using any USB divice for the moment
but the USB DEVICE NOT REGCONIZED message keep appearing...

this morning i cant even switch on my laptop
im really worried..
hope nothing will happen during my finals...
if not i'll be in hot soup...

i need help...can anyone give me a hand?

Monday, 15 September 2008

sayonara my japanese paper

I did badly for my Japanese paper
listening test was a disaster
or im having hearing problem
although I'm freaking upset now
i thought i can score for this paper
but no point feeling sad..
no point crying over spilled milk

leafong...u sleeping during lecture class for the past 14 weeks is it...???

今朝にほんごしけんで たいへんですね。

lesson learnt:
don't blame others
blame yourself instead for not giving your best

rest in peace my Japanese exam

Friday, 12 September 2008

Four down two more to go

Slept at 4am in the morning
then wake up at 10am
After a quick breakfast im heading straight to the exam hall

This time make sure i answer all the questions in time
but in another hand,i think it's impossible for me to get 25 marks for my translation
sigh...missed out that topic...blame myself for that
lucky i still have other parts so backed me up
hope my lecturer wont be cursing while marking my answer..

Then before i even notice
two hours already gone
i tried my best
its all in gods my lecturer hands
when my head of chinese studies was collecting our answer sheets
he approach me
"You are LeaFong right?" leafong...(put on my sweetest smile)

my so suprised that he remembered my name
We have nearly 100 students in my batch
what on earth??
hey,be nice with ur still wanna graduate right...

I have this awkward feeling after sitting for the exam
its exam blues again...
darn i really dislike this feeling

here's something i write to describe my feelings


Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Alive? Survived? Dead? Down the grave?

After sitting for the exam this morning
i think that is my time to die for sure
because i don't have enough time but still got a lot more to write
what i can hope for is our lecturer don't kill me while marking my paper
and my mood are like the pic below

From left to right

When i open the exam paper i was really happy that most of the notes that I've read came out.
I'll try my best to score.
keep writing writing and writing

"you have ten more minutes"
what? ten minutes left?
but i still got lot more to
might as well write with maximum speed but my words looked worst than ever. It's so artistic that is even worst than my year one hand writing..hope my lecturer is able too understand my max speed handwriting.

before i even finish writing the last paragraph
i heard somebody say: "please stop writing...hey...stop writing already!!!tie up the paper with the string."

...25 marks gone...sob...
i gonna bang my chest like king kong does...
see i looks so freaking pekcek and sien..all because of you

~The End~

I guess picture mean more than a thousand words..
all i can do now is just pray to Buddha, Jesus, lord Brahman, Confucius, Lao-tze
Did i missed out any?

Monday, 8 September 2008

yipee yeah yeah yeah...

im so freaking happy that i cant wait to share the good news with u guys
maybe u all would think

wah strike lottery ar?
sorry...i dont gamble...

got full marks for ur exam huh?

erm...kinda close..

drum rolls please...
one of my poetry actually got 4 out of 5
wow im in cloud nine
so so so suprise that i will almost kiss my lecturer if i see her
i had never get anything close to full marks since my secondary school days..
and for now i can alomost laugh like joker...
why so serious anyway
better treat myself with something nice

~Here is the poem

Did u see it? 4/5



a brief translation for those wont cant understand chinese
p/s:see im so kind

The flowers had fallen down, as my heart is sinking too.
I looked at the cup of wine in front of the window, looking for a confidant down the street.
The melodies music had strike a note deep inside my heart,
happily with tears i search thousand miles away.

hey this prove that im not a loser ok...
i'll aim for full marks next time..
feel that i finally gained back my confident.
leafong..u so clever la...come sayang..
wuhuahaha....sorry im a bit syok sendiri for this moment..
forgive me if i scare the hell out of u...

To sweeten things up i went to the nearest 7-11 and bought myself this:

i really deserve it
(see...she syok sendiri again =.=lll)

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Potato salad

As i cant predict the weather
i might as well cook something for myself
at first i thought of preparing ABC soup
but sadly the spices are limited
then some how potato salad came across my mind
and the ingrediants are quite similar to ABC soup

after some boiling, peeling, cutting,
i proudly present
it actually turn out alright
and this taste great with bread not that bad after all

for those who think that i cant cook
better eat ur words back

This is for lunch, dinner and supper...

Saturday, 6 September 2008



Wednesday, 3 September 2008

selfish vs selfless

During this study week
due to some reason
i feel a little mental imbalance

Cant understand why people can keep taking and never give
take as if i owed them so
they think they are everything
and im nothing

A week before that

xx:leafong, can i borrow ur lecture notes?
me:sure, of course..

xx:eh, how come ur notes not complete wan ?
me:hualau...wanna borrow still wanna complain some more

me:can u teach me this topic?
xx:i dont know how

why people are so freaking selfish when its comes to sharing
after all u wont lose anything
this had be bothering me
im willing to share
but what did i get in return??

so a friend told me that
ppl who are K-I-A-S-U will only act this way
way to go...i love this explanation
continue to live ur kiasu life
im still willing to share
but absolutely wont be sharing with any kiasu-ian

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Exam blues

Don't know why I'm so anxious about the finals
sinus, headache, gastric its all coming back to me...

thanks to the weather
sunshine, rain n sunshine
what can i expect some more?
snow falling down for the sky??
i rather have money falling down from the sky...
nope nope...give me the all the answer instead...

I'm having sinus the entire day..
pop all my medicine but it don't seems to help at all
used up lotsa tissue paper..
getting gastric although I've taken my meal
what is happening to me??
i don't wanna get sick!!!

coffee is going to be my best companion for the next 2 weeks..
to make sure that i wont waste my time loitering in dreamland..
then why I'm still blogging here??
to destress??(good excuse)

Monday, 1 September 2008

Public manners

sometimes people dont bother if their kids are running around the restaurant like monkeys,
as if their at their own living room
and the parents could so loud talk on the phone as loud as a trumpet as if they would like the whole world to know what's happening
hey, where's ur public manners?
never learn moral is it?(ps...i've been haunted by moral since the day i start reading it..)
its very annoying when this occur while im about to spent the lovely evening with my parents..
this is not a mamak stall alright..

i wonder what they teach their kids at home?
young children behavior normally reflect from their parents,
so monkey see monkey do.
In the end they might be pointing finger at the teachers
complaining about peer influence or teachers are not good enough to be a role model for their kids.
子不教,父之过。。means if the kids are not well thought, is mostly their parents fault
parents play an important role on their kids upbringing
so stop blaming others.

please la..teach ur kids some social etiquette
or else when they grow up it will be a disgrace to the community..

Friday, 22 August 2008











Thursday, 21 August 2008

perception towards chinese studies.

After studying for 3 sems..
when people find out that im taking chinese studies
this were some of their reaction

"aiyoh..still taking chinese for so many years not sien wan meh?"
os:talking so much crap ur mouth not tired wan meh?

"wah ur chinese must be very kuat la"
os: apa tu kuat? use for boiling soup that wan ar?

"ur course must be like kacang la..afterall u from chinese school wat"
os:kacang?? ur brain only like kacang la k..try memorising all the dynasty for a start..

"ah girl, taking chinese studies ar..very odd choice leh..what u gonna do after graduate?"
os:aunty, me odd?? if no one taking chinese studies who gonna teach ur grandson chinese language? u? malay ? indian? u sure u r chinese?

"i must be too free to take chinese studies, i have much better things to learn.."
os:free?? come la..translate all the classical litereature into modern text for me..

i have absolutely no ideas why people will think this way
im proud of my language, history and culture
i got lot more to learn
cause my knowledge is way behind
no doubt that philosophy are filled with plenty of wisdom
but classical literature is really not my cup of tea
i wanna learn something new..
something more near to our era..

sadly that most of the people out there always think that taking science will ensure a good future
they really dont know the value of chinese language
pity them from the bottom of my heart
how nice if i can knock their head with a hammer...
evil me...haha

Wednesday, 20 August 2008





Tuesday, 19 August 2008


My friend said that i dont smile that often anymore..
maybe u're right..
im undergoing all the stress and stuff..
lost mood to smile

although i didnt put a long face for the entire day
but i slowly realise that i hardly smile..
i feel that im no longer me..
where's the sunshine that live in me?

For the past few days
i've been thinking how to write a poetry
but some how the sad feeling didnt come to me.
dead man...assignment gonna due next week...
where all my crazy ideas??

Exam gonna be in 2 weeks time..
im dont feel that im well prepared
and im bold enough to put a countdown timer in my blog..
leafong ar leafong...
dont be such a kia su

Im feeling depressed, unsure, unsecure
sigh,anyway i will try my best to smile more often.


Is beauty so important that everyone juidge each other by appearance?
well..after some time i begining to realise that appearance is really so so so important to some one..
as if people dont mind if they get a empty box wrapped with fancy present paper.

People tend to tolerate and forgive any pretty ladies easily
but shout n yell at those less attractice ladds who make minor mistake
this aint fair to treat a lady..
the pendidik moral subject is meant for this kinda people

During online chatting session
I've met a couple of people who start the conversation with

"hi leng lui, can i be your friend"
os:sorry??if im not leng lui means u dont wan be friend with me la??

or " come u so leng lui wan har??"
os:i mana tau..ask my mom la...she is the one who give birth to me..stupid question

eh..leng lui, can we exchange phone numbers? next time pass by ur area can ask u out yam cha..
os:wt..sorry lo..i dont give my hp no to che kor pek interest to yam cha with u pun..balik tidur la

this is a super no no..welcome to my block list...
enjoy the rest your time being blocked by other leng lui

Recently i have bumped into an old friend
guess what he cant recognize me..
like i've undergo plastice surgery after my form 6
he was scratching his head
having a hard time remembering my name..

I know i was quite chubby during school days..
but its not that different right..
im still me ...the good old leafong minus the "roundness"

whoever who juidge my by my appearance i think its shallow..
I have brains too alright...
wake up man..

Monday, 18 August 2008


recently i have this weird feeling
i feel kinda lost..
like im heading no where..
(where r u guys when i needed u???)
the exam time table is out and i was wondering whether im able to revise all my syllabus in time..
phew..uni life is not easy at all..
and after looking at the past year question
i totally freak out..
the question is like asking u to answer where the quotes came from..
duh...i aint no to memorise all??
siao ar~~~
not me..i think my lecturer is too expert in this field..
so for him is like kacang writting out all those quotes...
a friend of mine told me that confucious is confusing..
huahaha...he is a man with wisdom..
but classical chinese is really confusing..
a single words can mean so many things...
my dear four confucian classic..
please dont be so mean to me....
im really trying my best to understand..
bless me..
stay strong....

Sunday, 17 August 2008





再看了past year question


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