Wednesday, 3 November 2010


On that auspicious day,
I set foot on stage and waited for my named to be called out.
The moment I received the scroll from the chancellor,
I knew all the hard work that I've gone through the years finally paid off.
I'm officially a graduate and my parents will be the happiest people.
Thank for believing in me,without your support i would not made it.

For my besties, I gonna miss you all,
I cherish the ups and downs we've been through.
Till we meet again.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Colourful experience at I-city aka city of lights

Ever heard of i-city that's located in shah alam?
I got pretty amazed with all the stunning lights when i saw it from afar.
Artificial trees and animals decorated with colourful lights,
it's simply amazing seeing these under the stars.

1~colourful trees

2~Pine trees of different sizes

3~Isn't it colourful? Nice background for takings pictures..

 4~Red lanterns that brings me the chinese new year atmosphere

 5~Multi colour Peacock

 6~The view from another side

7~Big wide smile before leaving i-city

I had fun walking around the area and my dinner was fully digested after that.
I can say that I-city is really a nice place to spend time with ur loved ones.
Apart from the RM1 parking fees plus there are no extra charges for entrance fee.
So next time when u are bored in the night, I city will be the suitable place for u to hang out~

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Rice Dumpling festival

Happy Rice Dumpling festival people~How many Zhang have u eaten so far?

My aunts brought us home made rice dumpling yesterday.
Every time my aunts come visiting, it will be a food feast at my place.
yeah~i cant wait to get my hands on the rice dumpling.

1~Ten home-made rice dumpling lying on the shinny tray,
inside the bamboo leaves it's aromatic glutinous rice wrapped with mushroom, beans and chestnut.

2~For my version, i like to eat my rice dumpling with some caster sugar.
Yea, i know it might sound weird but it's delicious,
maybe u guys can give it a try?

 3~my aunts also prepared some Black eyed pea rice dumpling.
 again, i'll dip it with sugar again...

4~Not forgetting to mention that my cousin also gave me kuma kuma in gradution robe.
all my kuma kuma are from her~

so far i've taken rice dumpling for lunch dinner and tea break
yeah~the rice dumplings that my aunts brought are finishing soon
Cant deny that home cooked food always taste better
know why? because is filled with extra portion of love~
Love u guys~

Monday, 14 June 2010

Girls days(s) Out

Greetings everyone~
ever since i finish my finals in May,i havn't been out with my girls.
so after returning back from turkey we decided to go out before Nancy goes back to her hometown in Sarawak.
I gonna flood this post with heaps food.

1~Night Market in SS2,
we had local street food as we walked through the crowd, 
such as Tau Fu Fa, pohpiah, lightly fried dumpling,
dried pork bun coated with egg and ai yu jelly drink. 
We eat as we walk so the food digested in no time.

2~I guess this looks familiar to u guys,
right..we're having lunch at full house in Sunway
comfy ambiance, now i know why it's always crowded

3~Lunch is served, bon appetite
An orchestra is playing in my stomach,
hungry giler~

4~My lunch,from clockwise huge mug of ice lemon tea, bite size dessert, 
smoked salmon salad and creamy mushroom soup.
The ice lemon tea is too huge for one person,both of us only manage to finish half of it.

5~Dinner at Dragon-I in Pavilion,
Fragrant Jasmine Tea, Pork Rib Ramen and Beef sliced Ramen
the broth was really well prepared,
I couldnt resists the taste so i end up gulping down the whole bowl.

6~Shopping spree in Time Square & Sg.Wang
at the end of the day, i got myself 
2 pairs of flats, 3 tops, 2 leggings and some eye shadow for mom.

7~I had great hanging out with Nancy for the past few days,
we pampered ourselves with good food and shop till we drop.
though my feet hurts but i enjoy the moments we spent together

Thanks for letting me crash at ur place 
Gonna miss u loads when u're not here.
With huggies and kisses,
See u during our Convo in August ~

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Turkey Trip Part II

Bonjour mon ami, comment allez vous?This is the second part of my Turkey Trip.
I'll be Introducing acropolis of Pergamon/Pergamum and House of Virgin Marry.
Sit back and get entertained with the photos.

 1~Modern City view behind me before reaching to the top
of the ancient Greek city of Pergamon/ Pergamun.
For more info about Pergamon, click here.

2~Here's a huge pile of ancient brick wall.

 3~Ancient wall of  Pergamon/ Pergamun

4~these 3 tiang remind me about swt sign..
where 3 black lines appear at the side of the forehead..

5~so called Traianeum ( Temple of Trajan)

 6~also known as Acropolis of Pergamon.
Acropolis is a built on a elevated ground for defence and it's normally built on a hill side.
For more details about acropolis, click here.

 7~ Pergamon amphitheatre

8~Underground passage of  Pergamon/ Pergamun


9~Hiding under the shadow, avoiding the sun light.

 10~My shoes blend in well with the purple and white wild flower.

 11~Pretty wild fleur.

 12~Weather is rather sunny today,
after walking under the sun for quite a while,
a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice gonna quench your thirst

 13~House of Virgin Mary has been dated to 6th - 7th centuries, 
and it's also an official Catholic pilgrimage site.
click here for more details.

14~The building now served as a chapel, 
photo taking is not allowed inside.
so i only took the entrance and the exit of the chapel

 15~The spring water which believed to have healing properties, 
from right love, health and wealth.
I drank the spring water from 3 taps
so when can i get my love, health and wealth?

16~A pic before leaving House of Virgin Marry.

That's all for now..
Part III coming up next.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Turkey Trip Part I

Bonjour people,
Have been busy planning for my future after i got my result for my last semester.
Now my doubts were cleared and finally i have the time to write about my trip in Turkey.
Hurray, there is always sunshine after the thunder storm..wahaha

My tour in turkey lasted about 14 days,but plus minus the travel time, it's only about 12 days..
The experience in Turkey was amazing, ancient architecture and the historical value is really marvelous.Let the picture speaks for all.

1~Waiting for my flight in KLIA.

2~Meal on flight, breakfast is served at 3am Malaysia time.
omg..i feel that my biological clock is getting confused

3~Upon landing,look at my sleepy and puffy eyes, sigh..
couldn't sleep much cuz the person behind kept kicking me..
Arghhhh!!!! wanted to kick their seats back.

4. Here we are in Istanbul, our first stop for the day.
Blue mosque also known as Sultan Ahmet mosque was built between 1609 and 1616.
click here for more info about  Blue Mosque

5~Blue mosque-one of the largest mosques in Istanbul.
My guide told me that only sultan can build 4 "tiang" around the mosque.


7~Such great architecture

8~Side view of the mosque

9~The interior of the mosque,
it's really magnificent that people in the ancient times can come out with this kinda architecture,

10~Hagia Sophia,one of Istanbul’s earliest churches, neighbouring Blue mosque.
It was originally constructed as a church between 532 and 537 ,
 worked as a church from 537 till 1452.
after the Turks invasion,it was a mosque from 29 May 1453 until 1934, 
and was opened as a museum on 1 February 1935 till now.
 For more stories click Hagia Sophia

11~Picture of St Mary and words from Holy Quran exist in the same church.

12~interior of the mosque/ Church/ museum

13~Having a piece of bread on the ferry,
we're on our way to TROY.

14~chilling sea breeze

15~The ruins of Troy city

16~ The legendary Trojan Horse,
but this is the replica of it.
See how tiny i am.

17~Ancient walls of Troy

18~Troy amphitheatre

19~ Cute little wild flowers behind me

That's for now,gonna update the next post once i finish editing the pic.
See ya~ stay tuned.
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