Tuesday, 30 June 2009


sorry friends
i've been busy for the entire week going for orchestra practice
since everything is over by now
i have all the time to update all my wonderful moments
stay tune.

Its been a long long long long long time until i couldnt remember when was the last time i hang out with Elaine,
This is our girl's day out after such a long time,
Elaine pick me up after class.

Yea, she's drove to one utama
i admire her guts cuz she just passed her driving test 3 months ago..
my precious life is in her hands..
turn out she is a "skillful" driver...
damn ganas...

Gracious god..we reach one utama safe and sound..
we started hunting for food..
tired with fast food and we decided to take something light
we search high and low , floor by floor until HoneyMoon came in and draw us closer

The ambiance was cosy and the setting really makes u feel at home
they serve a large variety of dessert aka tong shui,
it really took us some time to place our order
so many choices to choose from
as for the price it's slightly expensive than other places
this is a price for extra comfort, quality and service.

The ginger egg with milk taste heavenly and the portion is quite generous
Damn, im coming back for sure..
im craving for this dessert already

When the dessert is served we couldnt stop talking
been apart for so long and too much things to catch up..
a girls day's out never end without GOSSIPING...
haha...we had so much fun together

As the time is still early
We went over to neway to burn some time
stretching our vocals to the max
Oldies are my all time favourite..
Dont faint if u hear me singing ShangHai Beach..

Here are some of our picture for the day

This is only our plan for the afternoon
soon after that we headed back to my place ,
pick up my housemates and we are going to cheras pasar malam.

Elaine is driving but all of us hav no ideas how to go..
Kept following the Cheras Sign board..
but lucky we still manage to reach...
i tried to ask my friends out who are staying nearby
but none of them are free..
im a little down..maybe im not popular enough..

The crowd was huge..
i can almost suffocate walking through the human flow..
as we squeeze through we bought food along the way
from tid bits, pohpiah, fruit juice, siu mai...
sharing is caring as my friend always says
had asam laksa as our main course.

Our stomach is filled with a variety of food
and it took us more than 30 min of walking to reach the car park
can u imagine how long is cheras pasar malam??

I had great time today...
hope u guys too...
lotsa huggies and kisses...

Bus ride

While boarding the bus

i saw an old lady sitting alone

which reminds me of my departed granny

familiar gesture and doing things that she used to do

old age took her away from us

we still miss her dearly

cherish every moments with ur loves one

Sunday, 28 June 2009










Friday, 19 June 2009





Sunday, 14 June 2009



都有相当敏锐的fashion sence
而我的衣橱就是一整堆的t-shirt 和 jeans
double shit..








Gifted talent

Talent is a gift from god
either u have it or u dont have any of it..
I always admire people who has extraordinary talent in art,
im a girl that my arts suck...
so one day my Taiwanese friend ask me to send a pic of mine to him..
and after half and hour this is what he sent back to me...

this was drew by him.
it was a sweet move and totally unexpected...
so when i told him that my lips colour is too red...

me: 同学你把我的画得嘴唇太红了。。

him: 用唇膏涂得那样红不就可以了咯。。

me: swt..冒汗~~~

thanks again...
blow u kisses..
can i borrow some of ur talent one day?
Thoughts: ***

Thursday, 11 June 2009

New hair do

I finally went for a hair cut after 6 months..
letting down my thick dark hair i can either be a zhen-zi impersonator or enjoy the sweat flowing down my neck...

Stepped into the saloon one fine day and told that i wanna shorten my till my shoulder length
but she said that is better to remain so of my rebonded hair..
so that i wont turn into afro head after that

stylist: ur hair is so thick, did u inherited it from ur parents?

me: yea...it's genes..u should see how i looked like before i did my rebonding

stylist: must be very fluffy...

me:hee..used up lotsa my time...so i gotta hav reboning every year (thanks to those ppl who created rebonding)

after sniping here and there
little by little my hair fall to the floor..
i gonna miss u...
stylist: wanna tabao ur hair back not??

me: y not i sell it to u?

stylist: ur hair is too fluffy lar...

me: swt lll
although i need to tie my hair up for the next 6 months
but Im satisfied with the haircut
my head feel much lighter
guess i can fill more know knowledge into my head..

but according to my friends
there's not much different with my pervious hair style..
sob..nobody notice my new hair do..

now how do i look like,
u decide for me..

Monday, 8 June 2009

1st week of Year 3

I supposed some of you thought i've vanished in thin air for the past week
well to be honest nobody gonna stay back after class
apatah lagi blogging.

hello, its the 1st week of the sem
most of us are still in the holiday mood
and not forget to mention that this is the only week for us to go ANYWHERE without worrying about our deadline...
1 week of freedom means a lot to me..

Went out with edmond for brunch
chat about old time orchestra
my love of all time..

Brought Lit Kween around PJ
since is his 1st day coming down and he'll start his intern from monday
All the best to u and dont jiak zhuar while working..


Lit Kween join me for dinner together with my housemates
that 3 guys counter attack me..
kanasai...what on earth..

then at night Hong Chan , Andy come over to take us out for yam cha session
Guess im very comfortable being around guys

Went for Night At the Museum at Pavilion
this is a really small world
know y..cuz i bumped into Jun Lin in the monorail...
some time ago i bumped into him at tasik selatan
i wonder where else will i bumped into him next time
bus terminal? air port?
hey meet up one day k..
i mean it...

the movie was hilarious
minus the irritating person sitting next to me
she kept laughing for the whole movie
my mood was kinda affected..

ah moi, tak lawak eh...ketawa wuat ape??

tak faham bahasa inggeris ke?

susah tau duduk sebelah u??

Soon after reaching home
i mean after putting my bag on the chair
Jon and Rae were at my door step
went out for Sweenson Ice cream
1st time meeting Rachel
she's so soft spoken and sweet
Jon is such a lucky guy...
They brought me souvenirs from Vietnam
hehe...thanks guys..

Soon after class
i headed to the monorail
went to lovis place for yang qin practice

My skills are rusty
i've abandoned my yang qin for quite long
sigh...all my skills are already down the drain
lovis is so patience to guide me through the whole song

after practicing for the whole afternoon
we went to ktar for orchestra rehearsal
dead...i cant follow the orchestra at first
haiz...this is what happen when i hav insufficient amount of practice

Thanks Wei nee for sending me back..
i'll be joining Ktar's Chinese orchestra concert end of this june

Another movie day
3 handsome guys...yea..they asked me to call them so
Chon Sern, Hong Chan and Andy waited for me for almost half an hour
sorry eh.

supposed to watch 17 again but end up watching Angel & Demon

Time for some serious business
i went all the way to new era collage to look for my thesis material
Didnt have enough time to read eh...
manage to read 1 and a half

As soon as i reach home
i fall dead on my bed from 8am till the next day 11am
see how tired i am after going out non stop every single day

Yea..i had a fun filled week
time to stay focus from 2nd week onwards...
assignment are stacking up
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