Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cameron Highland

8th Nov 2008

hello cameron highland
it been few years back since the last time i came
After few hours round and round the mountain
we finally reach and its raining
gosh...I'm freezing its even cooler than genting highland
guess the temperature must be less than 16 Celsius

the next day we went to vegetables farm
they even supply it to tesco
according to them, vegetables have to be harvest almost everyday
in order to have to put fertilizer from time to time,
or else it'll be the parasites n worm paradise
watering the vege with enough water...
its hard work k, so kids out there make sure u finish ur vege...dont waste food

I can see dad's friend buying few of boxes vegetable, sweet potato etc etc
wah siao....wanna start a vegetable business is it?
let them continue with their vege business
i have more important things to do
*inhale lotsa fresh air...lotsa lotsa oxygen* there are not enough oxygen in kl

while walking around the farm i notice the plants are bigger n prettier n healthier
haha...because of the unpolluted air huh...
no wonder residents here have better skin, its so radiant...

signing off from cameron....tata

Friday, 21 November 2008

Hair cut

This entry is late for 3 weeks...
drum rolls please...
this is my long awaited hair cut..
should measure my kneck see whether did it grow any longer..
hurray...i been telling my friends that i need a haircut repeatedly....100 times maybe?
haha im a mini old lady...cant stop grumbling bout my hair...
cuz i didnt go for a hair cut after new year...

i've been their frequent customer at alan's saloon since my secondary school days...
kinda familiar with everyone there
''how much of hair do you wanna cut this time?'' alan asked
normally i'll cut 2 or 3 inches so that it can last for a few months
or i'll freak out each time he cuts my hair...
young lady...your hair will grow k..
but since im studying in kl n i wont be going back that regularly
i said ''cut all my spilt ends and freaking ugly highlight''
my friends say they're able to see my dry wire-like hair from afar

my head is feeling so light right...
imagine how much shampoo i gonna save up now...
this time long and managable..
good bye over long messy dry hair.... do i look now?

che koh pek in cyber world part II

Should i be happy or angry when guys start asking me this kinda question
on the up side, somebody is noticing me
on the down side, don't scan me like u know everything
it's really rude..
he don't even know me..

what big??gone older huh?
die la..lack of sleep..

omg??is my pimples that visible? didn't drink enough water..

bulb? what the hell is that?? he means boobs? check ur spelling la for god sake..

why people cant understand simple English...haiz...

i wont mind having this sorta conversation with my jimui(girl friends)
but with someone i don't even know
and he's trying to judge my bra size by my clothing
hey bro,u don't have super laser eyes power that u can scan all the boobs u see..
tell that in front of me,i bet my hand print will b on his face

its common sense right
if u're wearing something fitting of course it show out ur curf
and in most of my picture u'll see me in t-shirt
so when its comes to body hugging clothes
of course there'll be a huge difference

for some guys out there
curve= big boobs + bra size- brains
i feel like throwing nu bra at them

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Dim Sum at kk

I was in Sabah like a week when my dad attent his meeting
mom and I were left to do the shopping

there's something interestin i would like to share with u guys...
in kota kinabalu the sun rise at 5am and sun sets at 5pm...
during my 1st night there i was like
wahlau...wat time is it now?
huh..5pm i thought it was almost 7pm or 8pm..

even the dumpling from the menu looks tempting...

A satisfiying dim sum session...
imagine two pretty laddies eating so much food...
ehem...of course my mom is prettier...

che koh pek in cyber world

while checking my msg at ahmoi
i was really stunned when i receive such a msg....
not stunned, i pengsan(fainted)
im seeing stars..twinkle twinkle bla bla bla this the right way to talk to a lady?

propose me an offer?
uncle, this consider harassment k...

feel free to try ''phone xx''
why not feel try to let me cut ur XX off
dont step on my nerve or i'll burn u into ashes

wat the hell is ''exchange needs''?
butter trade is it?
go chow kit or watever bukit bintang....
(my friends told me about the location....i got nth to do with it)
what i need now is a parang to chop ur head off...
ever heard of beheading?

Nowadays the moral value is kinda low
they have nothing else to do huh?
nevermind..should introduce four confucian classics
that time they'll be scratching their head finding the meaning from the dictionary..
they wont even have time to feel horny...
u'll feel ho-li-ji-ble cuz u cant understand a word of it...
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