Sunday, 29 November 2009


As we know that language is build up by grammar, vocabulary, sentence pattern, culture etc etc
I have come across two very different lecturer while attending some language courses.

Different method of teaching

language teacher no 1 says:

Can u come out with some new vocabulary, dun always give me the same old vocab.

language teacher no 2 says

if u wanna learn new vocab, i suggested that u buy a dictionary and memorize all the words in there. I cant help that there's so much grammar in this language. so proper grammar is the path way to a
strong foundation.

my humble opinion:

I prefer language teacher no 2 method of teaching, she's so right. Without proper grammar , we wont be able to construct a correct sentence. so even we memorize the whole dictionary, the composition will still looks awful with the atrocious grammar.

Patience level

language teacher no 1 says

I wonder what u all been learning for the past lesson, ur foundation is so weak.

language teacher no 2 says

its hard at 1st, i'll keep going through with u guys till u're familiar with it
my humble opinion:

siao wan, u're suppose to teach us not scold us when we dont understand. If ur patience level is so low then better stop teaching. sigh..i still prefer language teacher no 2, such motherly figure and doesnt blow us up with her wind.

Words from the bottom of my heart

dear language teacher no 1,

although u're a very experienced lecturer
but u make me nuts everytime i enter ur class.
Tension build up when keep comparing us with others
scolded harshly when we dont understand ur explaination
we pay our tuition fees to learn f, not getting scolded and being ur punching bag
our brains are filled with ur negative thoughts
I guess we'll like u better if u have more patience.

dear language teacher no 2,

thanks for the patience and guidance
i've been always looking forward to attend ur class
u make sure that all of us understand before u continue with a new chapter
and also ,thanks for bring chocolate back for us.

alors, how nice if every lecturer can be like teacher no 2.
but life is never perfect,
so take it as extra bonus if we're taught by dedicated teachers.
nasib la we call.




Tuesday, 24 November 2009

soRa no tanjobi

17 NoV 09

ehem...somebody is officially 21
happy birthday to u...
i guess soRa gonna killed me if i delay this post longer..

at last there's sometime for us to meet up after loads of assignment and piles of examination. least we meet twice this sem..
Gonna be real busy for our fyp next sem..
probably have to make early appointment in advance..
heyu,better start planing already smart guy..
yea im telling u sora..u dun try to act innocent...huahaha

this time we went to KLCC
bought ticket for the movie 2012 and continue to burn some time by walking in the park.
seriously it's really hard to see any greenery in KL..
this morning walk is really refreshing.

here are some of the picture for the day...

♪mirror mirror on my hand who's the smartest of em all ...
of course it the men in black..wuhuhu..

♪ present for birthday boy...
not happy with my present is it ?
give it back..

hia hia hia...totally candid..
i dont now how both of us come out with this kinda post

♪ somebody say i was acting cute but i dont think so lor...

♪ we're staring at you...serious betul...haha

During the movie,
tears flow unconditionally from the corner of our eyes..
it's saddening to see somebody close to die after one and another,
where u have no choice but to see it happen.
so friends, better treasure the ones beside you.
maybe some selflessness can ease someones pain.
overall it's a cool movie..
but the ending kinda too short la..
slightly "sat mong" lo...

im going to bed..bon nuit~~~

i feeling sleepy adi...

Friday, 13 November 2009

German Sausage

During one fine day
while i was back at home during the weekends
dad decide to bring us out for food at bukit damansara.
hurray...makan session.

It was kinda dark when u see the shop from outside..
but surprisingly it's ambiance was really cosy and classic when u stepped in
lotsa German beer bottle and Wine bottle at display rack...
perfect place for gathering with close friends and family...
I think it will be even prettier during the night with they turn on the light.

We ordered mushroom soup, Olio spaghetti, German sausage and vegetarian baked rice.
Voila...i can taste the chunk of mushroom...the rich taste of cream together with mushroom is superb.
German sausage platter, huahaha...i think it has 5 types of's heavenly...
the wonderful taste brought me to germany...
The rice and spaghetti was equally nice...but i couldnt eat much of em...
The food was more than enough for 3 person, sharing always make the food tastier...
Thanks dad for bringing us out.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Something U missed I

I know that i didnt update my blog for quite some time..
here i gonna share with u the activities i did after my finals and the entire month
please be patience with me..

I went back to my aunt's place for a few days...
chatted with my aunts every night before sleeping...
When i was a child they took turns to look after me when mom was working.
Until now,my aunts will prepared my favourite home cooked dish each time i go back without failed.
i feel so loved. <3

I've a cousin that i grow up with,
we spent lotsa time together,
sometimes we fault but there's no hard feelings.
Her sis feels that she treat me better than her own siblings... see who's talking...Im the dai ka che...

We went for our sing-k session
as usual oldies will be on our sing list..
haha..most of the songs are from the 70's, 80's and 90's.
my friends surrender each time i sing oldies
sorry la..i prefer oldies because the lyrics are more refine and meaningful.
But my cousin is ok with my selection of songs.

here are some pic during our k session..

Greetings from Neway

I kissed a girl and i liked it..remember who's song is that ??
pure sisterly love...hehe...muaks...

Dun tell our moms that we kissed....shhhh...keep it a secret..




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