Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Julia's ROM

I attended one of my besties's Registration of Marriage last weekend, when she broke the news to me,
I was SOSOSOSOSOSO FREAKING happy for her as she had found her Mr Right.*touched, sniffed*

She then asked me whether i would like to attend her ROM on Sunday~
The first thing that crossed my mind was what should i wear?? what gift should i bring??
Im quite excited to be honest because it was my first time attending this kinda occasion.
Julia told me to dress up but I must not be prettier than her, LOL

A quarter before nine, I've reached Tian Hou Temple.
On Julia's big day, she looked stunning in her white dress and we hugged each other until we could not breathe because we did not meet up after our graduation last August~
Damn I dont miss my uni days but i definitely miss my Jimui.

Enough of words, time for some pictures XD

After Julia's ROM,
I went around taking pictures at Tian Hou Temple

#Camwhore is a must~

# =D

#A photo with the goddess of Mercy

#The place was crowded with tourist~

#Last pic before leaving the temple~
gonna attend class later~


ken said...

congrats to your friend :)

LeaF芳 said...

Thanks Ken =D

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