Saturday, 6 October 2012

Life as a teacher

Looking through the pictures that I took with my Sedaya students , it's always nice that photo is able to capture the moments and memories..

Being a teacher nowadays is challenging and definitely different from the old time, other that instilling knowledge and values into students mind, we also portray ourselves as their friends. Thus they will not hesitate to come to us when they encounter problems.

During my time, most of my teachers were serious and strict. They got zero tolerance for nonsense and I'm always scared of their laser stare. Their stare might be able to slice me up like fruit ninja.However I can't be over friendly till my students climb up to my head, thus i apply and linean but mean business kinda style with my students.Time to study and time to play,

Why do I choose to be a teacher?
I enjoy spending time, teaching teenagers and children,
Not to say that im able to produce zero failure rate but at least I'm able to make a slight difference in their learning experience.

Why do I choose to teach Mandarin?
Well, my major was in Chinese Studies, why not spread the knowledge to the next generation. thus what I've learnt is not going down to the drain. I practice what I had learnt.

Thanks for giving me such an valuable experience, let's cherish the memories together.
Last bu not least, Good luck to all PMR candidates.

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