Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Luncheon @ Hokkaido Ichiba, The Gardens

Cindy and I decided to meet up at The Gardens mall at mid valley. My dear coursemate from Tesol, Tegll and CIDTT. When I told my friends that it's my very first time driving to mid valley alone, they said it's a piece of cake since I manage to drive to wangsa maju. =.=


<3 Cindy gave me some hand made key chains,
so sweet of her ^o^

 <3 Garlic rice and Omelette with curry,
I quite enjoy this mild Japanese curry,
not spicy and yet it's very fragrant. Not to mention that the curry flavour
did not over shadowed the other elements.

<3 Salmon Belly Miso Soup

<3 Cindy's Beef rice
I can say this Japanese restaurant is really popular, because people were lining up outside waiting to be seated just 5 minutes after Cindy and I entered the shop. So better be early. Next time we shall try their dessert, Cindy just recovered from her cough and It's not fun eating alone.

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nice idea..thanks for sharing...

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