Saturday, 19 June 2010

Rice Dumpling festival

Happy Rice Dumpling festival people~How many Zhang have u eaten so far?

My aunts brought us home made rice dumpling yesterday.
Every time my aunts come visiting, it will be a food feast at my place.
yeah~i cant wait to get my hands on the rice dumpling.

1~Ten home-made rice dumpling lying on the shinny tray,
inside the bamboo leaves it's aromatic glutinous rice wrapped with mushroom, beans and chestnut.

2~For my version, i like to eat my rice dumpling with some caster sugar.
Yea, i know it might sound weird but it's delicious,
maybe u guys can give it a try?

 3~my aunts also prepared some Black eyed pea rice dumpling.
 again, i'll dip it with sugar again...

4~Not forgetting to mention that my cousin also gave me kuma kuma in gradution robe.
all my kuma kuma are from her~

so far i've taken rice dumpling for lunch dinner and tea break
yeah~the rice dumplings that my aunts brought are finishing soon
Cant deny that home cooked food always taste better
know why? because is filled with extra portion of love~
Love u guys~


ravishingpeacock said...

those ric dumplings look yummie ;)

Shirleen said...

I haven't made mine.. LOL.. yeah dumpling festival is over.. but no harm to make it again right? :P yours looks yummy.. :D

LeaF芳 said...

@ravishingpeacock aunts makes the yummiest rice dumplings..

haha..very true..u can make your own rice dumpling whenever u feel like eating~

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