Thursday, 10 June 2010

Turkey Trip Part II

Bonjour mon ami, comment allez vous?This is the second part of my Turkey Trip.
I'll be Introducing acropolis of Pergamon/Pergamum and House of Virgin Marry.
Sit back and get entertained with the photos.

 1~Modern City view behind me before reaching to the top
of the ancient Greek city of Pergamon/ Pergamun.
For more info about Pergamon, click here.

2~Here's a huge pile of ancient brick wall.

 3~Ancient wall of  Pergamon/ Pergamun

4~these 3 tiang remind me about swt sign..
where 3 black lines appear at the side of the forehead..

5~so called Traianeum ( Temple of Trajan)

 6~also known as Acropolis of Pergamon.
Acropolis is a built on a elevated ground for defence and it's normally built on a hill side.
For more details about acropolis, click here.

 7~ Pergamon amphitheatre

8~Underground passage of  Pergamon/ Pergamun


9~Hiding under the shadow, avoiding the sun light.

 10~My shoes blend in well with the purple and white wild flower.

 11~Pretty wild fleur.

 12~Weather is rather sunny today,
after walking under the sun for quite a while,
a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice gonna quench your thirst

 13~House of Virgin Mary has been dated to 6th - 7th centuries, 
and it's also an official Catholic pilgrimage site.
click here for more details.

14~The building now served as a chapel, 
photo taking is not allowed inside.
so i only took the entrance and the exit of the chapel

 15~The spring water which believed to have healing properties, 
from right love, health and wealth.
I drank the spring water from 3 taps
so when can i get my love, health and wealth?

16~A pic before leaving House of Virgin Marry.

That's all for now..
Part III coming up next.


Lisa717 said...

wow~~ good for u could travel to Turkey^^ nice environment!!

LeaF芳 said...'s really an experience..the weather is really nice over here.

Jaerragus said...

TURKEY!!!! It's cool, I'd go there oneday... I swear to god... on Istanbul's name...lolz.

LeaF芳 said...

hope u can be there one day~bless

Nick Chang journal said...

nice trip!!!enjoy,ya??

LeaF芳 said...

Nick Chang journal

Yea..Really worth going Turkey~

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
Thanks for ur nanged..!
Envy your trip..!!
Look damn cool..!
I haven been out of asia yet..!!! :(
Nanged and clicked on your adv.!
Cya around..! Thanks... :)

LeaF芳 said...


thanks a lot for clicking my ads..^^
Im sure u'll be able to travel to ur dream destination~

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