Sunday, 18 April 2010

Pre graduation photo

I had my pre graduation photo session few weeks ago
yea finally i gonna grad..
cant wait for the day to come...
although i've submitted my thesis but still i have to prepare for my finals.. suis fatique

we had our individual photo taken
means with the robe on then put on our bright smile.
duh my face looks so round..eyes so swollen and so dead
i hope my pic gonna look nice during my convo

then after that followed by our tutorial group photo
duh, of all the photo, they choose the pic that couldnt see my face
wtf, dun have other picture to choose from is it?
i voice out my problem in a nice manner and nobody seems to acknowledge it
some one even told me that i looks fine.. wth..without my face?

my gals was unhappy too..
but no choice..minority mar..
so we had our own fun..wahaha
i felt more comfortable with my gals..
at least i dun need to put on a fake smile n layan them
who cares what u guys think about us..

1. leeling and moi

2. nancy and moi

3. us

my girl friends,gonna miss them~
we gonna stay strong to face out last exam~

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