Saturday, 10 April 2010

See u thesis~Freedom to me

I've finally submitted my thesis yesterday~
after all the headache and sleepless nights,
i've made it to the finishing point.
Yeah~ i gonna graduate this August~yeeppie~

thanks for all the support and motivation.
Here are some of the people that i wanna thank.

first of all i wanna thank my parents who are always supportive and understanding.
without all the positive words from u all, i would be struggling to stay focus.
thanks for all the concern, encouragement and love.
i couldnt stay strong alone if my parents didnt protect me from all the ugly and harsh comment.
hope i make u guys proud.

a thousand thanks to my supervisor who had taught me alot and helped me out when im stuck 3/4 way during my thesis.
u know, i was very lost for a while when im unable to reach the target.
i've basically squeeze all my brain juice and used every words that is related to the topic, i ran out of words to continue writing.

so after i told my supervisor about the trouble that im facing, he actually went to library and get me some useful reference books for my thesis.
He give me a pat on the shoulder and told me to calm my mind down and he's sure im gonna complete before the deadline.
omg, where to find such helpful supervisor? i sayang him the most among my lecturers.
thanks giving me the motivation to continue writing my thesis.
thanks for believing in me, hope i didnt disappoint u.

thanks to my bff that are always there for me during my ups and downs, and always reminding me to stick to my thesis time table when im slacking through out the day , reminding me not to let anyone down, this reminder really helps. this really means a lot to me.
Im so lucky to have friends that are so concerned about studies without any intention.
If u know how competitive surrounding im in, u'll be worried sick if any of ur peers start asking u things related to your studies.
im glads it all over now.

thanks to my gals, nancy & leeling
i'll always remember the time we went to new era to dig out all the material that we need for our thesis and all the efforts we put in to juggle between assignment and thesis.

yesterday while we were leaving the binding shop,
my shoes koyak lucky one of my friend were there and he send me back to get my shoes changed.
thanks for the help dude~
they worried that i coundnt arrive in uni and pass up the thesis in time,
so they actually carry my thesis and walked to uni under the hot sun~
my thesis is quite heavy cuz it's like 40 pages thick, so each of them carry one for me
i feel so indebted to them.

thanks for nescafe for keeping me awake for the entire time,
without the boaster to keep me awake
i wouldn't hav sustain till the late night.

Im truly grateful with all the people who landed a hand to me,
without u guys i think i gonna be stuck in the middle and couldnt graduate in august.
Im blessed with having such people around me.
A millions thanks.

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