Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Is beauty so important that everyone juidge each other by appearance?
well..after some time i begining to realise that appearance is really so so so important to some one..
as if people dont mind if they get a empty box wrapped with fancy present paper.

People tend to tolerate and forgive any pretty ladies easily
but shout n yell at those less attractice ladds who make minor mistake
this aint fair to treat a lady..
the pendidik moral subject is meant for this kinda people

During online chatting session
I've met a couple of people who start the conversation with

"hi leng lui, can i be your friend"
os:sorry??if im not leng lui means u dont wan be friend with me la??

or "wah..how come u so leng lui wan har??"
os:i mana tau..ask my mom la...she is the one who give birth to me..stupid question

eh..leng lui, can we exchange phone numbers? next time pass by ur area can ask u out yam cha..
os:wt..sorry lo..i dont give my hp no to che kor pek lor...no interest to yam cha with u pun..balik tidur la

this is a super no no..welcome to my block list...
enjoy the rest your time being blocked by other leng lui

Recently i have bumped into an old friend
guess what he cant recognize me..
like i've undergo plastice surgery after my form 6
he was scratching his head
having a hard time remembering my name..

I know i was quite chubby during school days..
but its not that different right..
im still me ...the good old leafong minus the "roundness"

whoever who juidge my by my appearance i think its shallow..
I have brains too alright...
wake up man..


conan said...

hi, lenglui...! hahah!

good post cos many of yr points are so damn true!!

i think we have to get used to it la that most people nowadays judge by appearance.. people are easily blinded by looks, they feel soft when looking at pretty faces, so they forgive them easily.. haha.


LeaF芳 said...

come let's throw this kinda people in the garbage bin...


puppy said...

many of us buy things for its attractive wrapping, packing, brands or advertisement
many of us buy things for its quality, practicality or just a habit

its good if the attractive packing also comes with attractive content

its pity to find out the attractive content doesnt packaged properly

vice versa

LeaF芳 said...

when things are too fancy it will some how lose it uniqueness,
so originality is most important to me..

but now its really hard to find people who focus on the content

Keanu Tan said...

hi, lenglui..! 10 dollar 3 pieces.
(Even though the lady is aunty).
Hm... This is kinda sales' talk.. No offend...

Any gal w/ slightly better than average look. I'll call them lenglui(friends only). It is just a type of greeting..

From the research show that...
human r more tolerate to beautiful things.. Because human like/love beautiful things... Beautiful scene, beautiful cloth, sporty car, pretty gal, handsome guy and so on.. I can't deny that...
But.. human cruel to ugly things...
like disabled people.. and so on...
they r already very poor.. how can people act like that... :(

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