Thursday, 21 August 2008

perception towards chinese studies.

After studying for 3 sems..
when people find out that im taking chinese studies
this were some of their reaction

"aiyoh..still taking chinese for so many years not sien wan meh?"
os:talking so much crap ur mouth not tired wan meh?

"wah ur chinese must be very kuat la"
os: apa tu kuat? use for boiling soup that wan ar?

"ur course must be like kacang la..afterall u from chinese school wat"
os:kacang?? ur brain only like kacang la k..try memorising all the dynasty for a start..

"ah girl, taking chinese studies ar..very odd choice leh..what u gonna do after graduate?"
os:aunty, me odd?? if no one taking chinese studies who gonna teach ur grandson chinese language? u? malay ? indian? u sure u r chinese?

"i must be too free to take chinese studies, i have much better things to learn.."
os:free?? come la..translate all the classical litereature into modern text for me..

i have absolutely no ideas why people will think this way
im proud of my language, history and culture
i got lot more to learn
cause my knowledge is way behind
no doubt that philosophy are filled with plenty of wisdom
but classical literature is really not my cup of tea
i wanna learn something new..
something more near to our era..

sadly that most of the people out there always think that taking science will ensure a good future
they really dont know the value of chinese language
pity them from the bottom of my heart
how nice if i can knock their head with a hammer...
evil me...haha


Anonymous said...

=P wow lucky i didnt give any of those comments hehe tat's wat at least i have in mind~ kind of regret thoght not knowing xD imagine if i can speak so cool hehe can challenge u seng yu d hehe neways.. xD happy CHINESE STUDY


LeaF芳 said...

haha...learn a word a day..
then u will know 365 words within a year...gambateh ne..

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