Tuesday, 19 August 2008


My friend said that i dont smile that often anymore..
maybe u're right..
im undergoing all the stress and stuff..
lost mood to smile

although i didnt put a long face for the entire day
but i slowly realise that i hardly smile..
i feel that im no longer me..
where's the sunshine that live in me?

For the past few days
i've been thinking how to write a poetry
but some how the sad feeling didnt come to me.
dead man...assignment gonna due next week...
where all my crazy ideas??

Exam gonna be in 2 weeks time..
im dont feel that im well prepared
and im bold enough to put a countdown timer in my blog..
leafong ar leafong...
dont be such a kia su

Im feeling depressed, unsure, unsecure
sigh,anyway i will try my best to smile more often.


Anonymous said...

xD Hime-sama haha waa the first comment wan to gib but u write till like tat .. hehe wan smile? treat u cheese la :P say cheese


LeaF芳 said...

haha...cheese...next time go take cheese baked rice again..

MarcusDS said...

hey..lui..SMILE!!haha..mammy loves u..Jesus loves u!!

Anonymous said...

yum yum when wwan go hee? xD i'll love too wakaka this time wan try the rice de


puppy said...

leafong said, i've been thinking how to write a poetry
but some how the sad feeling didnt come to me

u re writing a sad poem?
maybe u can try to write some positive one
that would may also make u smile more

zou tao

LeaF芳 said...

thx ma..
u make sure u pray hard for me k..

thx for ur suggestion..
i manage to write it in time..
i'll post it here someday...
remember to come have a look see ya..

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