Friday, 21 November 2008

che koh pek in cyber world part II

Should i be happy or angry when guys start asking me this kinda question
on the up side, somebody is noticing me
on the down side, don't scan me like u know everything
it's really rude..
he don't even know me..

what big??gone older huh?
die la..lack of sleep..

omg??is my pimples that visible? didn't drink enough water..

bulb? what the hell is that?? he means boobs? check ur spelling la for god sake..

why people cant understand simple English...haiz...

i wont mind having this sorta conversation with my jimui(girl friends)
but with someone i don't even know
and he's trying to judge my bra size by my clothing
hey bro,u don't have super laser eyes power that u can scan all the boobs u see..
tell that in front of me,i bet my hand print will b on his face

its common sense right
if u're wearing something fitting of course it show out ur curf
and in most of my picture u'll see me in t-shirt
so when its comes to body hugging clothes
of course there'll be a huge difference

for some guys out there
curve= big boobs + bra size- brains
i feel like throwing nu bra at them

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