Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cameron Highland

8th Nov 2008

hello cameron highland
it been few years back since the last time i came
After few hours round and round the mountain
we finally reach and its raining
gosh...I'm freezing its even cooler than genting highland
guess the temperature must be less than 16 Celsius

the next day we went to vegetables farm
they even supply it to tesco
according to them, vegetables have to be harvest almost everyday
in order to have to put fertilizer from time to time,
or else it'll be the parasites n worm paradise
watering the vege with enough water...
its hard work k, so kids out there make sure u finish ur vege...dont waste food

I can see dad's friend buying few of boxes vegetable, sweet potato etc etc
wah siao....wanna start a vegetable business is it?
let them continue with their vege business
i have more important things to do
*inhale lotsa fresh air...lotsa lotsa oxygen* there are not enough oxygen in kl

while walking around the farm i notice the plants are bigger n prettier n healthier
haha...because of the unpolluted air huh...
no wonder residents here have better skin, its so radiant...

signing off from cameron....tata


conan said...

hahah... good reason to persuade kids to finish their vege... maybe kids nowadays don even eat vege...

btw, love the pic! are u a cameron resident? cos u have good radiant skin.. hehehe

gm said...

so good~~
i never been to cameron highland b4 T_T
shok la u~

Anonymous said...


SoRa said...

hahaha walao~ wan scare die me meh~ eat vegetable till like tat~ xP so healthy o

LeaF芳 said...

haha...thanks..i think i got come hidden pimples that u didnt see...

next time can go..quite a nice place to visit if u havnt been before..


u so chiong meng...where got so easy die wan...hahaha

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