Friday, 28 August 2009

Simply A-maize-ing

My parents brought me some corn from Cameron highland on sunday
i can assure that the sweetness is beyond any corn sold out there..
although im quite full after dinner,
but still i have the appetite to eat one of the corn...

After coming back from class..
i was tired, but was way hungry
some i came out with this idea
cooking a a bowl of creamy corn soup..

These are the ingredients
corn, crab stick, sausage, some big onions, and full cream milk


picture from clockwise

1. one stick of corn ,
2. slice crab stick and sausage into bite size
3. put in onion while the pot water is boiled
4. after that add in the bowl of corn
5. next, put in the crab stick and sausages chunks
6. lastly add in milk after every ingredient come to a boiled

here u are
your very own -a-maizie-ing corn soup
like it? try it now..


sTevE @ Kj said...

hey,looks really good. next time your turn to make me some good food.

LeaF芳 said...

no problem...
u prepare main course
and i'll do the appetizer or desert...hehe

SoRa said...

:D hehe u knw or not the corn u can eat raw xD tat day my parents bought the corns~ n woo~ so sweet :P eaten RAW

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