Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Short break in Genting

Temperature heated up during our finals,
feeling like a pressure cooker, stress level building up studying paper after paper,
Glad it's finally over.
So its time to take a break and enjoy the fresh air in genting
our anticipated outing that we planned before the finals.
cooling wind blowing against our skin,
the breeze awakens me from my gloomy days of exam.

♪ in no time, we are in the cable car...
gonna enjoy ourselves to the max,
right guys??

♪ group photo, really hard to squeeze all of us inside the pic..
nice work shot.

♪ we've reach the theme park..full of energy.
who's head is resting nicely on my shoulder huh??

♪ warming up~~weee~~~it's a refreshing ride...
more rides ahead

♪ bersemangat sungguh,
let's check again after the ride

♪ on your mark...get set...say cheese

♪ somebody cant even stand straight after the ride,
while im still smiling there.
girl power rulez~~~

♪ heading for our next ride

♪ big smile :))

♪ eye eye captain, we're on the pirate ship,
will i be meeting Johnny D the hottie??
and why that malay dude looking at the camera?

♪ here we go~~lalala

♪ getting higher

♪ now have a deep deep deep breath

♪ and scream scream scream!!!!!!
wahahahaha ~~~~

♪ candid, shot say i looks like tai kah che...
haha..where's my leng??

♪ my high schl mate...lit kwen...
he was shorter during high schl,
and now see how tall he grew after the years
we perli each other every time,
until ppl think we're arguing,
but no hard feelings right,
i guess this is our way of communicating.

♪ the power of three and i miss tai lee.
hope to meet up with her soon.

♪ nice facial expression

♪ how come this pic looked so confused, puzzle and wanna cari gaduh??

♪ this is the original pic

♪ we actually went to the casino to grab a cup of milo..
haha..but the air is full with smoke that irritates my eyes...
we enter in the sense of getting the exposure and not to gamble.

♪ salam satu genting, satu malaysia..
it's great hanging out with all of u.
i think it's my best outing and happiest day for this sem
Good Companion do cheer up my mood.

p/s: thanks kjoo for taking the time to book the hotel room for us.
p/s: thx lit kwen and kjoo for taking photo that leave great memories.

miss u guys loads....muacksssss

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