Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mascara to my rescue

I slept at 4am last night,
twinkle twinkle little star is still in my eyes when i got up this morning,
plus my panda eyes and i looked like a zombie..

kaolat leao, i gonna meet up with friends later..
putting my glasses on while hanging out with friends is a no no,
i feel more confident not wearing glasses,
so i came out with this idea..
**ting..maybe i can apply mascara to make my eyes more awake and fresh..
wuhuhu...evil grin..
to be honest im not a person that apply make up very often
i normally leave the house after applying sun block..

thanked god that mom bought me a mascara and i actually have it with me,
it's my 1st time using it anyway,
trying to be really careful to not apply mascara on my face..haha
here it goes, after applying few layer of mascara on my eyelashes
voila my eyes is glinting again and mascara really does wonder to my eyelashes.
merci beacoup..

closed up..
mascara really lengthen my eyelashes...

miracle mascara worked for me..
hope mascara will brighten ur eyes too..
stay pretty ladies~~

my friends asked whether my eyelashes are real,
or i put some eyelash extension or wat,
halo...eyelashes ni ori k..
hehe..looks like applying mascara is not so troublesome after all.
what do u think ?

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