Monday, 7 December 2009

Business Class experience

During hari raya,my parents decided to let me fly business class back to kl.
so i wont get stuck in the jam together with my parents
cuz i still have to sit for exam the next next day
thanks so much for saving the time for me.. pretty excited bout this

the seat is so spacious and so comfy
i have more then enough space to stretch my legs and arms.

rather than normal coffee or tea or orange juice during the middle of the journey
this time i got a drink before the flight take off special treatment wan..

a moment later, a completed breakfast set was served together with desert.

i think i gonna skip lunch

while enjoying my breakfast
i captured some beautiful clouds formation

the sky how blue...
i love the cloud,
looks like cotton candy...

a bed a cloud to drop dead on...hahahaha
i seriously need a proper sleep

after such a heavy breakfast
tea is served right after that stomach gonna burst

stewardess :what do u like to hav? coffee ? tea?
me: tea please

stewardess:how do u like ur tea to be prepare?
me: i would like it warm and without sugar

stewardess: would you like to have a few slice of lemon together with it?
me: will be great, thanks

omg...serving 1 single cup of tea need to ask so many question mou?
wahleao...where to find this kinda treatment in economy class..
different class got different treatment wan
even my mom dun treat me like that...
haha...please forgive my ah lian-ness

here's my cup of tea

alors, this is a really an memorable experience for me
not every time that i'll be given a chance to fly at business class
dad, mom, can we travel by business class next time ??


BabyMocha said...

Nanged! Pass by from Innit! Have a really nice day!

Nikel Khor said...

enjoyable ride on bussiness class

LeaF芳 said...


have a nice day too..

Nikel Khor:
yea..its really fun..haha

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