Monday, 1 February 2010

I wish...

hatred can be one of the most negative strength
i was trying once to be nice
and yet some idioitic ass start to show me their pathetic faces
and i think i hate u

i basically wanna throw a container of vulgar words back to u
u silly uncivilized creature

i feel so angry that i wanna transform into a fire puffing dragon
i'll rippeed ur head of ur blardy neck with my sharp teeth
piercing through ur useless brain
chewed ur whole body into a zillion pieces
and become turd out of my body
be ur worst nightmare and terrified ur soul


kenwooi said...

wow fire puffing dragon.. haha.. hope you'll be fine soon =)

LeaF芳 said... feeling much better after submitting my thesis:)
thanks for da concern.

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