Friday, 29 January 2010

Drama- Hang super Tuah

During creative writing lecture on Monday,
we was told that we gonna perform out drama based on the script we had wrote during week 8 or 9 of the semester.
in order to select who hav the potential to act,
we were divided into groups and assigned with different character.
30 min was given for us discuss and after that we hav to act it out in front of the lecture hall.

seriously, acting is not my field.
so let me be the keh leh feh also enough d..
im very low profile wan as u know..

when we know that we got the hang tuah character
we were squeezing out of brain juice trying very hard to remember what we learnt during our BM class..
apparently our memory is not strong enough so we decided to go fusion
and the story is as follows

once upon a time in the far far kingdom of melaka,
when the
dayangs are kipas-ing the sultan in a hot summer's day,
bendahara presented puteri gunung ledang's picture to the sultan and he knew that she will be her perfect permaisuri.
so the courages hang
tuah was in a quest in search for puteri gunung ledang
when he was in the market trying to ask for direction to
gunung ledang
he saw a beautiful young lady harassed by a
hamsap tiger.

Without thinking twice,
tuah came to the rescue and both of them had a good fight and saved the beautiful young lady from the hamsap tiger.
to hang
tuah surprise the beautiful young lady turned out to be puteri gunung ledang,
he too fell in love at once.
instead of bringing her back, both of them elope and live happily ever after.

the end

u see, the hero always get the maiden
siao or not we came out with this kinda storyline??
it's 王昭君+fairy tale+malay legend

~me and leeling acting as one of the dayang
gonna kipas kipas the sultan with out paper kipas
cuz electric kipas havnt exits during kesultanan melaka

~bendahara jun qing and sultan jj

~our leading character-the heroic hang tua-h

~culprit of the day
good expression..haha
the drama couldnt work out without him

dayang leaf and bendahara jun qing
looks like che koh pek mr potato..
hope he's not reading my blog..

i wonder who's going to act in the real drama??
maybe we will end up being one of the script writer.

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