Sunday, 27 November 2011

Educational Trip to Putrajaya

After the finals had ended, our school organized an Educational trip to Putrajaya. Students gathered at the basketball court according to their bus. Each bus were accompanied by three teachers to babysit take care  of the monkeys students. The journey took about 45 minutes from Subang Jaya.

First destination, Taman Warisan Pertanian aka Agricultural Heritage Park. 
This park showcase Malaysia agricultural development over the decades, such as agro industry plants, tropical fruit trees, herb and spices. Thus, I think this is the perfect way to expose our students to plants that had contributed in the growth of  Malaysia economy.

Kenneth, Me, Wai Xing

 Jian San, Me, Justin
yea, they are my bodyguard LOL

 Camwhore is a must

2nd destination, Putra Mosque

 Ms Tan, Ms Foh, Ms Wan, Me

 Zera, Pei Xian, Me, Jian San, Suet Yeng,
it's so hard to keep our eyes open against the hot sun

Lunch time- Freedom time

Me having tomyam udon for lucnh at black canyon

3rd Destination, The Pm's residence

Ms Tan, Ms Foh, Me

Mission accomplished.
Time to head back to school

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