Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dinner at Tony Roma's, Sunway Pyramid

Greeting everyone~
I know I havn't been blogging often,
I apologize deeply for that.
Well, I was busy preparing my students for their finals and marking their test.
I guess that's the best way of torturing teachers.
Arghhh~~~~teacher abuse ~~~~

After working for so hard, 

I decided to pamper myself with good food.
My friend recommended Tony Roma's,
why not give it a try~

 Relaxing ambience,
I choose a place near the window.

Upon our order, the complimentary Bread Roll was served with their garlic paste.
Nothing special with their bread roll, the texture was too hard for my liking.
However, the garlic paste was buttery and not too strong.

Half onion Loaf, this starter comes with huge ass hand-cut Spanish onions, 
breaded and deep fried to perfection.
It comes with their BBQ sauce.

Strawberry Lemonade,
Strawberry Syrup+Soda water+ Lemon Juice,
the taste is just simply refreshing.
Voila, dinner is served-Grilled Salmon with Shrimp Piccata.
It's served with a side dish of broccoli and mashed potatoes.
the grilled salmon is juicy and tender with each bite. 
Not to mention that, the shrimp is succulent as well.
The lemon juice really brings out the taste of the salmon.
Salmon and shrimp really complement each other.
Thumbs up

Overall, I really enjoyed the food as their ingredients were fresh and well prepared. Their service was good as their staff were friendly and helpful in giving recommendation. Yea, they know their job, it's worth paying that 16% of tax. I'll be coming back for sure.

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Nava.K said...

The onion loaf is the top seller and also my fav too.

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