Friday, 1 May 2009

2nd Sub- Modern Chinese Language

This is always my nightmare during my secondary schl
yea..the grammar part,
not that i've problem composing essay
or i've serious grammar mistake in every sentence

ehem...the real problem is I cant differentiate the sentence structure

Sitting for this subject gonna burn lotsa brain cells
my teacher during secondary schl didnt really focus on this part
i might as well say i didnt pay attention when my teacher are explaining

so i learn through the hard way
no matter i like it or not
i have to make sure that im clear of the
either nailed it or failed it...

i got pretty confused with the symbols
for example |, ||, () , <>, [],
dead lar...
if u're from a chinese medium schl
im sure u know what im saying

the solution for this problem
memorise the definition
understanding it gonna waste lotsa precious time...

I freak out and i wake up at 4.30 to continue my revision
drank 2 cups of coffee being going to uni
hope i wont get a cafe over dose
choy...touch wood..

2 hours of concentration is no joke k...
Manage to answer most of the question
can score or not depends on my lecturer's marking lar...
Lucky...i mean my hard work paid off...
im done with my 2nd subject...

arigato, thank Q, Terima Kasih

p/s: this is a 29th april post.

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