Thursday, 7 May 2009

5th Sub- Modern Chinese Thoughts

After reading the question
it was a complete disaster
and i can say it's the most pathetic, lack of confident, and difficult subject for this sem.
the conclusion is D-E-A-D.

some how the question was not from the tutorial question,
it's from the lecture notes that are in the sub sub sub sub topic
so tiny till we'll forget about it
so how? Cry out loud and tell my lecturer i didnt study that part ar?

siao meh..

Do my best and try to answer lar...

i mean if my keywords are in her examination scheme
maybe can get 50 out of 100...
but i can tell u that im struggling during the 2 hours period
i squeeze my brain till the last drip
im feeling restless after walking out from the examination hall

sorry i was not born earlier to go through all these

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