Monday, 11 May 2009

Feel the freedom

Finally i can relax and have breathe in the air of freedom
it feel so good to be stress free...
i was gasping for air during the exam week
panting after coming out of the examination hall
imagine 4 subject without tips...
torturing students is the greatest pleasure..

After reaching home
ken text-ed me asking me whether i would wanna go to the night market with john and wei lun
i was little reluctant
wanna drop dead on my bed
but they still manage to talk me into it...
U WIN...

Instead of taking public transport
We actually walk to SS2...
is not that far actually
but please bear in mind that
it is safer when we're in groups
dont walk alone

we walked a few round scouting for food
so decided to have pork belly soup to fill our belly

it was delicious...
half way eating
we saw our lecturer..
should have bribe her with this pork belly soup
maybe she'll consider giving us better grades...

after the meal we continue to stroll around to burn off calories
walking through the crowd
suddenly my slipper snapped...
kanasai...die lor...
how ar?
walk back bare footed ar?
Wei lun came to my rescue
he was so kind to let me wear his slipper
while he walk bare footed before i get myself a new pair of slippers
wah...this kinda guy distinct d...
im so touched and so greatful...
blow u lotsa kisses..

signing off for now...

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BenjaminET said...

:) found ur lovely blog thru

^^ truly lovely ..
i like the layout :)

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