Saturday, 2 May 2009

3rd sub-Japanese 日本語の試験

What can i say for this paper?
the grammar convertion makes me crazy
unsure with some of the particle
but overall it was alright lar..
i think.

Didnt do much for the past few days break
keep writing the vocab that im unsure of
remembering figures in japanese
different item have a total different writing.
Did the excercise again before going to bed..

Came out half and hour earlier
since i cant figure out the meaning
so i might as well leave the examination hall and go back.

きのう 頭が痛いですから なんにも勉強します
けさ 5じに おきます
きのう晩 寝ません

今の日本語試験は 易いません

それから スーパ-で プンを 買います
そして ひとりで うちえ 帰ります
大学の生活 いそがしですね
休みが いちばん ほしいです

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