Friday, 11 September 2009

Sweet treat

Feeling down and Craving for something sweet?
here is a way to sweeten things up..

Im worried sick about my Japanese paper 2mr,
lack of motivation and im too stressed out to concentrate,
hoping to score a better result than previous semester..
but seriously im not a person who can focus 100% on my books..

situation 1

me: mi, everyday study like that very sien lar..
mom: dun study lor..

me: kao lat

situation 2

me: papa, study till bo mia
..what to do huh?
papa: nevermind u study and watch tv at the same time..

me: huahahahaha

this is wat happen when i told my parents that i've lost mood to study,
rather than giving me lotsa stress,
they gave me much freedom and let me study according to my pace.
im freaking lucky.

okok...i got carried away
now i gonna show the simplest way of making ur own HONEY MILK
sounds delightful right?
just a few step

Ingredients: honey and milk

1st, pour some water into a cup,
then add in a table spoon of honey, remember to mix well,
i prefer
and then add in milk.

here you are, your very own honey milk..
the rich and sweet taste will make u forget about the stress..
trust me, it works...

see how happy am i now...weee~~~~

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