Tuesday, 24 November 2009

soRa no tanjobi

17 NoV 09

ehem...somebody is officially 21
happy birthday to u...
i guess soRa gonna killed me if i delay this post longer..

at last there's sometime for us to meet up after loads of assignment and piles of examination.
well..at least we meet twice this sem..
Gonna be real busy for our fyp next sem..
probably have to make early appointment in advance..
heyu,better start planing already smart guy..
yea im telling u sora..u dun try to act innocent...huahaha

this time we went to KLCC
bought ticket for the movie 2012 and continue to burn some time by walking in the park.
seriously it's really hard to see any greenery in KL..
this morning walk is really refreshing.

here are some of the picture for the day...

♪mirror mirror on my hand who's the smartest of em all ...
of course it the men in black..wuhuhu..

♪ present for birthday boy...
not happy with my present is it ?
give it back..

hia hia hia...totally candid..
i dont now how both of us come out with this kinda post

♪ somebody say i was acting cute but i dont think so lor...

♪ we're staring at you...serious betul...haha

During the movie,
tears flow unconditionally from the corner of our eyes..
it's saddening to see somebody close to die after one and another,
where u have no choice but to see it happen.
so friends, better treasure the ones beside you.
maybe some selflessness can ease someones pain.
overall it's a cool movie..
but the ending kinda too short la..
slightly "sat mong" lo...

im going to bed..bon nuit~~~

i feeling sleepy adi...


SoRa said...

xP hehe domo arigatou~
yea lo~ we've to start planning le~ it's DECEMBER ALREADY :S

btw~ you're acting cute la~ still say someone~ keke~

T_T it was a touching story ma~ yea the ending a bit potong la~ but what else can they show~ hehe~ thx for the bday o

LeaF芳 said...

haha..ur turn to plan for next outing....
2 more months till next sem...i think u have more than enough time to plan..hehe

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