Friday, 13 November 2009

German Sausage

During one fine day
while i was back at home during the weekends
dad decide to bring us out for food at bukit damansara.
hurray...makan session.

It was kinda dark when u see the shop from outside..
but surprisingly it's ambiance was really cosy and classic when u stepped in
lotsa German beer bottle and Wine bottle at display rack...
perfect place for gathering with close friends and family...
I think it will be even prettier during the night with they turn on the light.

We ordered mushroom soup, Olio spaghetti, German sausage and vegetarian baked rice.
Voila...i can taste the chunk of mushroom...the rich taste of cream together with mushroom is superb.
German sausage platter, huahaha...i think it has 5 types of's heavenly...
the wonderful taste brought me to germany...
The rice and spaghetti was equally nice...but i couldnt eat much of em...
The food was more than enough for 3 person, sharing always make the food tastier...
Thanks dad for bringing us out.

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