Sunday, 29 November 2009


As we know that language is build up by grammar, vocabulary, sentence pattern, culture etc etc
I have come across two very different lecturer while attending some language courses.

Different method of teaching

language teacher no 1 says:

Can u come out with some new vocabulary, dun always give me the same old vocab.

language teacher no 2 says

if u wanna learn new vocab, i suggested that u buy a dictionary and memorize all the words in there. I cant help that there's so much grammar in this language. so proper grammar is the path way to a
strong foundation.

my humble opinion:

I prefer language teacher no 2 method of teaching, she's so right. Without proper grammar , we wont be able to construct a correct sentence. so even we memorize the whole dictionary, the composition will still looks awful with the atrocious grammar.

Patience level

language teacher no 1 says

I wonder what u all been learning for the past lesson, ur foundation is so weak.

language teacher no 2 says

its hard at 1st, i'll keep going through with u guys till u're familiar with it
my humble opinion:

siao wan, u're suppose to teach us not scold us when we dont understand. If ur patience level is so low then better stop teaching. sigh..i still prefer language teacher no 2, such motherly figure and doesnt blow us up with her wind.

Words from the bottom of my heart

dear language teacher no 1,

although u're a very experienced lecturer
but u make me nuts everytime i enter ur class.
Tension build up when keep comparing us with others
scolded harshly when we dont understand ur explaination
we pay our tuition fees to learn f, not getting scolded and being ur punching bag
our brains are filled with ur negative thoughts
I guess we'll like u better if u have more patience.

dear language teacher no 2,

thanks for the patience and guidance
i've been always looking forward to attend ur class
u make sure that all of us understand before u continue with a new chapter
and also ,thanks for bring chocolate back for us.

alors, how nice if every lecturer can be like teacher no 2.
but life is never perfect,
so take it as extra bonus if we're taught by dedicated teachers.
nasib la we call.


nn said...

i would also prefer teacher 2. i don't think teacher 1 is sincere enough in doing his/her job.

from innit

LeaF芳 said...

hi nn,
yea..teacher 1 shouldnt be a teacher in a 1st place...
kesian we all kena scolded by her everyting..

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