Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year ~

happy new year
may it be a wonderful year ahead for guys..
stay cheerful and be happy at all time..

sms over flooded my inbox,
thanks for the wishes..hehe
I hugged and a kissed my mom at the struck of midnight,
we decide to do something different this year...

fruitful year mar...
i love and smell and the taste of durian
especially the golden and rich texture...
delicious gila...
who cares it's after midnight
nak makan juga... tomorrow

~here i come,trying to kill durian

~then suddenly i decide to be fine with the durian...say DURIAN...

~tell me that im not trying to act cute with a durian in my hand...

~Yum Yum...this goes inside my stomach...

~Mission accomplish...job well done

forget about new year resolution,
it makes me even more stressful when im unable to reach my goal,
so i will just try my best to complete and achieve whatever that is reachable.

i must :

1.Finish my thesis in time, if not cant grad.
2.Be strong and fight back if needed.
3.Treasure and sayang my loved one around me.
4.Be thankful, content, and more caring.

may it be a fruitful year for all of us, all the best...


kenwooi said...

i want durian.. haha..
happy new year 2010! =)

chunsia said...


LeaF芳 said...

haha...i still have some in my fridge..wanna have some ??


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