Sunday, 4 December 2011

Luncheon @ Ole Ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid

We had our long awaited gathering cum farewell during the school holidays. Since most of us are free, yay freedom for teachers. You cant imagine all the work we had, if you can survive in the school I worked at, Im sure you can survive anywhere. Yea, we are now bullet proof and stainless steel.

ф The entrance~
We were their first customers,
early bird discount ada?

ф Balinese feel

ф Interior
ф cosy ambience

ф Ladies in the house
Behind: Me, Ms Tan, Ms Wan
Front: Aina, Izyan, Ms Foh

ф Thirst quenchers are served.
From back to front,
Avocado yogurt drink, Ice Lemonande, 
Grass jelly with rambutans and cappuccino. 

ф Food that conquered our taste buds,
I don't remember the names but it's delicious.

ф A picture with the food before it was devoured ,
the portion was huge, 
thus I would say it's would be just nice for 2 person.

ф Everyone was busy eating and i was busy cam whoring.
cant help it, LOL

ф Thanks for the souvenirs,
very thoughtful of you all.

ф Cam whore before we leave the restaurant,
blame me for the unstable hand.

ф After several attempts this is the end product.
Dont be the one holding the camera,
or else your face gonna really stand out from others.
Like Izyan said, be the one who adjust the camera instead. 

Till we meet again,
miss you all

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