Friday, 19 December 2008

New Year Resolution for 2009

Seasons greeting my friends

Guess I'll only online after going back to PJ

So Merry Christmas + happy dong zhi冬至+ happy new year advance is my larger than life new year resolution hard
3 more semester to go, so i have to work 3times harder so that i can graduate without worrying that i cant secure a job. after studying half way, my brains seems kinda slow absorbing knowledge. i'll start preparing for my exam rather then studying last minutes n transforming into coffee princess for a entire exam week. a good daughter
staying in campus already make me spend less time with my parents,i'll try going back more often. Not that im not concern about my parents, but sometimes as i grow up i need my space too, spending most of the time at home during my secondary school days, i guess it's fair enough for me to have sometime mixing with my uni friends. a good student
got nothing much to say about this, i'll put in more efforts doing my assignment and presentation. I really wanna improve.

4.reduce the time surfing the net
i can reduce time on chatting, but i'll still continue blog no life wei...
at least i keep my friends update with what im doing...haha...after they miss me too much..see im so good...must visit my blog more often k... more
apart from reading my text book, i'll find time reading other materials...or else my English will remain in form 6 standard..i wont people condemning on my english..i need improvement..what should i read other than the english paper?

6.cultivate good habits n change bad habits
I'll scold less vulgar words, be more patience, be more punctual, dont procrastinate,
be more warm to others and other good attitude. i'll try my best to change, but can i really able to cut down my vulgar-ness?? damn susah can i...means when some one get into ur nerves ..u wanna give him a big smile ar? sorry man..this is so not leafong..
erm..i think is this what i have in mind and really need to achieve...
i think some people have ask me question like:

''how come u dun say i want get a rich guy to be my bf, so can buy me all kinda branded stuff sorta things wan'' is not everything la...but frankly speaking we need money to survive..
just be happy with what u have and u will see life differently...

''now recession of course find a rich guy to cushion of all ur expenses la, with ur looks sure lotsa guys will willing pay the bill for u''

siao ar..think im wat? blood-sucking vampire ar..i dont choose my friends from their financial looking for a sincere and long lasting friendship.

im really grateful having supportive parents and friends that gave encouragement while im down, overcome obstacles together, thanks for being by my side and accepting for who i am, i couldnt have thanked u truly blessed..

sign off for 2007~~~~~

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puppy said...

sign of for 2008 gua

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