Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Home alone

30th November

Before my parents went out today my mom told me sek ji gei(take care of myself)

okay, this means I have to cook my own lunch

I come out with that brilliant idea

that is steamed egg a.k.a cawamushi

uahaaha…I can finally cook something other than instant noodles… just kidding, I can prepare some simple dishes…

it’s easy to prepare, no mess n it’s suitable for the lazy ppl like me…

guess this time the cooking program come in handy..

who say watching tv program is a waste of time?

but my version of steamed egg is slightly different from any other steamed egg out there

here are the ingredients

egg, milk, cheese, assorted meat balls

don’t ask me the measurements

cuz I just mix everything together…

huahaha…bad example..this why I never bake

ya..add everything according to ur own liking

if an egg is not enough add another 1

add the whole packet of cheese if one slice doesn’t satisfied ur taste buds

i add about half cup of milk to the egg mixture

after adding the milk , put a generous amount of cheese into the mixture

and some soya sauce for seasoning

after that, add in a number of chicken balls, sotong balls, crab stick..

put it into a steamer after rojak-ing all the ingredients

cook for around 5-10 min.. tick tock tick tock

see the steam??

you can see cheese oozing out from the corner

wulala…no bad for a first timer eh?


conan said...

wah, resipi rahsia daun... ada tak efek sampingan selepas makan? seperti perut buncit atau perut sakit?


Anonymous said... this also can...then till now got sakit perut bo..???

LeaF芳 said...


u think taking diet pills that have kesan sampingan huh??
hey natural ingredients k...dont sesat my reader la..

if u believe what he say then u also sama sama sesat with him d

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