Friday, 19 December 2008

thai food

Tonight my parents decided to bring to for thai food..
sweet n sour food always tickle my taste buds..
from sour plum, lime juice, thai chili sauce etc etc

pregnant ar u? how come like to eat sour things huh??

chew...not pregnant cannot eat sour food wan meh ?

i remembered getting sore throat n fever after i drank the entire bowl of super hot n spicy n sour tom yam..
yea..this's crazy/madness/out of my mind...
still young that time wat...
not so health concious...
after getting gastric for not eating properly
now im scare that the acid will puncture a hole in my stomach...

but tonight..cincai harm drinking once in a while right..hehe
i love my cup of sour plum with lime
it's so sour till i gonna frown
the beauty of this drink...hahaha

while waiting to the food to come
a cat miao-ing here n there looking at me with innocent eyes
dont look at me k...wont give u food anyway...
i dont like cats...its too manja n sticky...miao~~~

u can see for yourself what im eating right..hehe
no need me to describe...
okla...petai egg+2 vege dish +fish...
*im busy eating...

the behind me kept bursting out with laughter
uncle dont laugh so loud can bo?
i can see the HAHAHAHA falling down from the sky not kidding..they groups of guys are really laughing too loud..

minus the miao-ing here n there, HAHAHAHA over the sky, and the long wait
it was actually a very satisfying meal...
thanks to bringing me along...

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